More than 34% of Americans Will Possess BTC Within 2022!

  • Ric Edelman remains a complete BTC enthusiast. 
  • Edelman terms 34% of Americans will possess BTC by the end of 2022. 
  • BTC starts surging up for the past 24 hours.

The last 30 days has been one hell of a ride if we take the king of crypto, Bitcoin (BTC) into account. The mid of December, 2021 everyone exclaimed that BTC will surge up efficasely for Christmas and from there till the year end it will surge up effortlessly. Most expectations were that BTC will hit $100K from Christmas to New year. However, ths did not happen.

BTC for Past One Month

The first expectation for the Christmas surge disappointed everyone. Moreover, as BTC did not perform as expected for Christmas, the expectations subsided slowly as there’s only a matter of five days for new year. Adding more fuel to the fire, BTC dropped from $50K to $45K within the last 3 days of 2021.

And so, BTC ended the year 2021 miserably by hitting lows of $45K. The start of 2022 for BTC was quite slow and dormant. Owing to more disappointment and schock, in spite of the market crash on January 5, 2022, BTC hit extreme lows and even touched $40K. Alas on January 12, 2022, the market turned back to sprout out, including BTC too. Currently BTC stands at a price of $43,621 at overall market gains of 1.48% for the past 24 hours.

In spite of all this, a profuse crypto and avid BTC tycoon Ric Edelman, puts out abrupt comments all towards the prop up of BTC.

Ric Edelman’s Statements

The founder of Edelman Finance Engines, Ric Edelman is a phosphorus finance philanthropist as everyone knows. Apart from finance, Ric Edelman is also a crypto addict. In a recent interview for CNBC ETF Edge program, Edelman stated that at present about 25% of Americans have BTC in their wallets.

Furthermore, he states that within 2022, about 34% of Americans will be having BTC on holds with them. Also, Edelman states that BTC has become an avid gameplayer in finance too. Talks of BTC are all over the world day to day going as a mainstream topic, terms  Edelman.

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