Here Are The Most Amazing Features Of The Ronin Wallet

Here Are The Most Amazing Features Of The Ronin Wallet

Without a doubt, the decentralized finance market has grown over the years since it first caught the attention of traders. This is no small thanks to the number of various projects that developers have introduced in the sector such as the Ronin wallet. But while some traders are focusing on the trading aspect of the sector, others are focusing on more fun parts. A typical example is the Axie Infinity game that has been around for quite a while.

Axie Infinity, a game based on Ethereum, allows players to collect specific in-game artifacts called Axies. Despite the blockchain game providing an avenue for users to have fun, its services have been limited by the problems of Ethereum. To get rid of the issues bugging the Ethereum blockchain from affecting the gameplay, the game developers unveiled the Ronin blockchain. According to the developers, the Ronin network is a sidechain that was specially made for Axie Infinity. In this article, we will be looking at the Ronin wallet and how to use it.

What is Ronin wallet?

Ronin wallet is the wallet built on the Ronin blockchain for Axie Infinity players. Just like MetaMask and some other wallets, it is a browser extension wallet. This means that for it to work perfectly, it needs to be added to a browser. Besides using the wallet to play Axie Infinity, traders can also use it to carry out other transactions because of its low transaction fees. Players can also use the wallet to play other blockchain games developed on Ronin.

How to create a Ronin wallet

Just as mentioned above, you need the Ronin wallet to play the popular Axie Infinity game. To kickstart the process of creating your Ronin wallet, you will need a compatible browser to use it. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be making use of the popular Google Chrome Browser.

After downloading your Chrome browser, you will need to add the Ronin wallet to the browser as an extension. The next step is to open the app and locate the extension icon. Click on the Ronin wallet extension and launch the app.

The app would open and present you with an interface where you will click on the ‘Get Started’ tab. After clicking on the tab, the next page requires you to either set up a new wallet or insert a recovery phrase. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be setting up a new wallet.

You will then need to set up a password that contains at least eight characters. After inserting the password, you will be required to re-enter it to confirm. After that, you will need to click on the ‘Create Wallet’ tab to move to the next step.

The next step requires you to copy and keep a recovery seed phrase that you will be given. The seed phrase is a 12-word phrase, and you will need it to recover your account should you lose it. To recover your account, you will need to enter it the way it was shown while you were registering. After copying your seed phrase, you will be required to confirm them in the next step. After you have confirmed the phrase, you can now enter and use your Ronin wallet.

How to install Ronin wallet

How To Set Up Ronin Wallet To Play Axie Infinity

To play the Axie Infinity game, users make use of the Ronin wallet. This is because most of the transactions carried out in the game require payment and the wallet stores funds for them.

After creating your wallet following the steps above, you can now visit the Axie Marketplace and click on the login tab in the interface. After that, an interface that says ‘Login With Ronin Wallet’ pops up, and you can hit the confirm button.

With a click on the confirm button tab, you will be logged into the Axie Marketplace. The next step requires setting up your name and other essential details such as your email and password. After entering your email, a code will be sent to it, which you will copy and paste on the field that appears. Your registration is now complete after entering and confirming the code.

The next step requires you to go through MetaMask to buy Ethereum and send them to your Ronin wallet. You will need to deposit enough ETH as you will need to buy at least 3 Axies to begin the game.

As explained above, the next step requires you to buy 3 Axies. Failure to purchase the Axies means you will not be allowed to play the adventure or arena mode. Notably, Axies are expensive, and you will be required to spend much on the purchase. Another thing you can do is help someone who has 3 Axies play the game through a feature called scholarship.

You can now download Mavis Hub and log in to install the Axie Infinity game. The next step requires you to sync your Axies so that you can see them on the screen and start playing the game.

What is the Ronin Bridge?

Ronin bridge is the gateway where users that play the Axie Infinity transfer their ETH to Ronin. It was developed and is currently being managed by SkyMavis, the creators of the Axie Infinity game. After it is transferred to Ronin using the bridge, the ETH becomes Wrapped ETH.

After this conversion, users can now use it to purchase Axies to play the game. Asides from this function, the Ronin bridge also allows users to upgrade their Axies or Smooth Love Potion tokens. Also, users can use the bridge to transfer their tokens back to Ethereum and withdraw them.

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