Multi-Chain Launchpad AEGIS with Insurance System to Launch in Mid-October

Multi-Chain Launchpad AEGIS with Insurance System to Launch in Mid-October
Multi-Chain Launchpad AEGIS with Insurance System to Launch in Mid-October

Thanks to DeFi, cryptocurrencies have become a mainstay. With several projects being launched daily in the space to facilitate transactions, DeFi has become a perfect alternative to its centralized counterparts.

These projects run on blockchains, they leverage the technologies protocol to initiate financial transactions which are permissionless and without a central authority. Decentralized finance focuses on transparent financial services which allow users to have full control and ownership over their assets using a peer-to-peer model. This eliminates any intermediaries and improves financial automation, this one reason alone is a driving factor to why the ecosystem is becoming increasingly popular.

The popularity of DeFi is not surprising considering that they solve the major problems encountered in the traditional finance system. With DeFi, owners have full control over their digital assets, which means the system doesn’t manage them for you. They are non-custodial and owners cede their power of executing transactions to smart contracts. Additionally, they allow lending, borrowing without a third party and facilitates decentralized trading on DEXs. All these are the benefits of DeFi projects.

Although DeFi is still very novel to millions of people, a significant number of people want to invest in the space because they feel it is the future of finance. DeFi projects are all about inclusiveness and don’t have scalability issues. Investing in DeFi could yield massive profits. But, many potential investors don’t have access to these projects. The simple fact is that it’s difficult to identify projects that are still in their infancy stage. However, the right platform can help you discover these projects early and maximize your chances of earning before they go mainstream. This is where we introduce you to AEGIS Launchpad.

How AEGIS Differs from Other Launchpads

Accessing promising crypto projects is complicated, and the chances that a potential investor misses an opportunity on one is high.

AEGIS helps potential investors discover these projects early.
AEGIS is bent on revolutionizing the industry by becoming the first launchpad with innovative cross-chain functionality and insurance. This means that clients funds are safeguarded during fundraising is any negative incidents occur.

Aegis is a fundraising platform designed for users to list their projects and conduct IDOs across multiple blockchains, making it a vastly beneficial option amongst many other options out there. With AEGIS, you can identify DeFi projects on our spotlight platform and participate in their presale rounds. It’s designed with a thorough vetting process to filter out illegitimate projects so that investors don’t fall victim to them. Thanks to its multi-chain wallet, you can swap, stake and claim your rewards effortlessly on our platform. Our swap tool 3operates with zero fees to users. Investors can manage their funds across multiple blockchains without the limitations of traditional decentralized trading.

AEGIS has set October 12 at 4:00 PM UTC for its public sale.
The launchpad has raised $200K for its private sale round and partnered with a host of ventures for more funding.

AEGIS has some interesting features such as:

The Pad

AEGIS isn’t only about work. The launchpad has a feature known as ‘The Pad’, a play-to-earn game. It is a metaverse in the cybertronic world where the players called the ‘mechs’ play to survive. You can play this game at any time after the launchpad’s IDO.

$AEGIS Token

$AEGIS is a native token of the launchpad that gives holders the power to use the platform. You can stake your assets and make decisions on upcoming governance proposals. Possessing a specific amount of $AEGIS gives you the authority to make critical decisions affecting the community and participate in the upcoming IDOs.

Sustainable Liquidity

AEGIS uses RFI mechanics that ensure investors don’t lack liquidity.

The shortage of launchpads has made it difficult for investors to list their projects early. The competition in the DeFi space is ever increasing, so whoever doesn’t get in early won’t win big. AEGIS Launchpad has developed a model that allows fair entry of projects. Projects can raise enough capital and won’t have to fear losing their funds to scammers. Both the investors and the project owners are safe on the AEGIS Launchpad. 

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