Mushu: The Complete Finance And NFT Gaming Platform

Mushu: The Complete Finance And NFT Gaming Platform
Mushu: The Complete Finance And NFT Gaming Platform

There is a huge growth seen in the DeFi and NFT ecosystems lately. Several ambitious projects are emerging in the space, one of which is Mushu, a decentralized trading platform built on the Binance Smart chain (BSC) Network. The project combines elements such as NFTs on-chain games, farms, and aggregators coming together to form a complete Mushu Finance ecosystem.

Mushu is also a martial art-themed NFT game focused on Chinese martial arts that uses P2E to make money. Having exceeded $1 million in funding, the project is looking forward to being listed on many exchanges. This is made possible with support from many Chinese investors by opening the Chinese market alone.

Mushu Finance

Mushu Finance is one of the first farm yields to be launched on Genechain. It focuses on building the largest technology ecosystems in Gene with its decentralized hybrid yield earning. The project also intends to make Mushu one of the best tokens in the Defi space within a year.

To ensure its value continues to increase, Mushu has a buyback and burn Mechanism on the number of holders. This Mechanism helps in creating a continuous rising price event on the project.

Mushu combines better game design and an excellent economic model which is the main role of NFT game 3.0. This it does by combining game graphics, gameplay, and P2E experience into the martial art world. 

Mushu game gaining much acceptance 

Offering a better and more enjoyable gaming experience alongside a free trading space, Mushu uses a decentralized structure to directly and organically link the aspects of gaming into its structure. As a result, Mushu hopes to achieve direct docking, lossless circulation, and safe storage of individual value.

There are a total of 25 million Mushu tokens in circulation. Out of this, 8 million are used for market circulation. The game has already gained much acceptance ahead of its going online. With the strong backing it has from Chinese investors, the Mushu project continues to gain public acceptance and a better reputation. The game goes live on November 20th, 2021.