National Bank of Ukraine hiring blockchain developers

National Bank of Ukraine hiring blockchain developers 4

The Central Bank of Ukraine is looking to hire developers in the blockchain industry for the development of Central Bank Digital Currency of Ukraine.

Blockchain technology adoption is increasing day by day. Crypto is the best example of blockchain technology potential. Most of the countries’ Central Banks are looking at the progress of the crypto industry which is fully decentralized and fully trusted by the crypto community because of the high security levels. Ukraine is the most influenced country in recent history, which is moving towards crypto-friendly decisions and looking to adopt blockchain technology for their better financial infrastructure. 

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National Bank of Ukraine taken on LinkedIn to hire blockchain developers. The hiring post for the blockchain developers was published by the director of the IT department of National Bank Of Ukraine, Vladimir Nagornyuk.

According to the published post-hiring post, NBU is looking for blockchain developers who have expertise in development, implementation and modification of infrastructure services and distributed systems” among the prospective employee’s duties. And also they are looking for the additional position for those developers which knows about smart contracts and Hyperledger competencies development.

Around a week ago, news came from Ukraine, NBU held a meeting regarding Ukraine’s CBDCs e-hryvnia. They discussed the opportunities and associated possible risks. 

While in the beginning of September, Ukraine proposed a bill to legalize crypto for their citizens and crypto services to run crypto operations with suitable license under full regulation. 

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