New Dogecoin Upgrade Is “Important”: Elon Musk

New Dogecoin Upgrade Is "Important": Elon Musk 2

New Dogecoin Upgrade released and Elon Musk supported the new upgrade & said it’s an important upgrade. 

Elon Musk, Tesla & SpaceX CEO, is popularly known for his presence in the crypto Community for DogeCoin community support. ElonMusk considered himself as DogeFather. 

A Few days back, we reported about the new development work in the DogeCoin network upgrade to bring efficiency. At that time Elon Musk said that it is a mandatory upgrade and needed for the Dogecoin blockchain to bring the adoption of the DogeCoin into practice. And also past DogeCoin developer, Billy Markus, said that we don’t need to go with other projects.

Now, DogeCoin’ new upgrade is finally released. The new version of the DogeCoin blockchain wallet is “Dogecoin Core 1.14.5”. 

This new upgrade will help the DogeCoin transactions with low fees and also will provide better stability to the performance of the DogeCoin blockchain network. And also with this, it will provide a security patch update, so it is mandatory to update the existing core users, recommended by the team. Current fees with the new upgrade will facilitate smooth transactions at price 0.01Doge 

Elon Musk also responded to this important upgrade and wrote “important”. 

After this upgrade, many Twitter users of the DogeCoin supporter started to talk about the DogeCoin use in the payment option in Tesla. 

A popular YouTuber wrote that with the DogeCoin update & Robinhood wallet coming and it sounds that Tesla is accepting DogeCoin.

Probably, this YouTuber- Matt Wallace- is not wrong because already Tesla company’ filing with the SEC, of the Q3 earnings report, mentioned that they have plans to accept crypto payments in future because they believed that crypto will be mainstream adoption in the payment system.

As we know, Elon Musk’ company holds Bitcoin, DogeCoin & Ethereum only. And out of these three only DogeCoin is better in terms of low transaction fees. So there is a 100% chance that Tesla will choose only DogeCoin. 

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