The Green Bay Packers quarterback vowed to convert some of his NFL earnings into bitcoin. The initiative became possible after the sportsman partnered with the mobile payment service provider – Cash App.

‘Bitcoin to The Moon’

On his Instagram page, Aaron Rodgers – crowned as the most valuable player in the National Football League for 2020 – announced he will receive a portion of his $33.5 million salary in bitcoin. On top of that, he earns around $22 million in signing and roster bonuses, some of which he can convert to the primary cryptocurrency, too.

“That’s why I’m pumped that I recently teamed with Cash App. They have enabled me to take part of my NFL salary in Bitcoin for the very first time,” Rogers said.

The football player seems to be a passionate supporter of BTC since he shouted out the well-known phrase: “Bitcoin to the moon.” Additionally, Rodgers described the digital asset as the “future of money” and put laser eyes on his photo signifying his bullishness:

“I’m excited about Bitcoin because I believe it’s the future of money: it’s valuable, super secure, and no one can mess with it.”

Rodgers did not stop there. Aiming to include some of his fans in the initiative, he vowed to give out a total of $1 million in bitcoin to some of them:

“Bitcoin is new and the concept can be intimidating, so to make Bitcoin more accessible to my own fans I’m giving out a total of $1 million in BTC now too.”

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers, Source: Wikipedia

Following The Steps of Other NFL Players

Another star of the National Football League who hopped into the cryptocurrency bandwagon is Saquon Barkley. This summer, he announced he would use Strike’s payment application to convert all his profits from endorsements and marketing deals into bitcoin. According to the New York Giants’ player, this is the best way to preserve his wealth in times of growing inflation.

Speaking of the NFL and cryptocurrencies, another popular name that pops out is Tom Brady. The seven-time Super Bowl champion is keen not only on Bitcoin (BTC) but also on Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL). On that note, he admitted he would “love to get paid” in some of those tokens.

The legendary football player also touched upon the backbone of digital assets – their underlying blockchain technology. It represents the future as it enables fast and transparent transactions, he concluded.

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