Ojamu Announces The Listing Of Its Native OJA Token On The Uniswap Platform

Ojamu Announces The Listing Of Its Native OJA Token On The Uniswap Platform
Ojamu Announces The Listing Of Its Native OJA Token On The Uniswap Platform

Ojamu, an optimal digital marketing strategy platform driven by AI and blockchain technology, is happy to announce it is now listed on Unisawap.

The Uniswap listing marks a significant milestone for the AI-powered MarTech company that is based in Singapore. As per the announcement, Ojamu has successfully listed its native token, OJA a leading decentralized global exchange. Notably, the listing will provide the project with several potential trading pairs for its token.

The news comes days after the Ojamu’s IDO, which sold out within minutes. The event was the first-ever triple IDO held on PAID Indian, PAID Asia, and Ignition platforms.  During the IDOs, Ojamu raised $1.7 million with the help of critical investors in the industry, including Protocol Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, Moonrock Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Chain Ascensive Assets, Master Ventures, X21, A195, MarketAcross, Rarestone Capital, Capital, and others. During this private sale, investors acquired the OJA tokens for a price of $0.1180.

Ojamu has an Intelligent Platform that leverages AI, blockchain, and non-fungible tokens to enable brands to reach their marketing goals with data-driven predictions across all digital channels. The Ojamu’s Ai connects with NFTs allowing them to become an access point for an industry vertical’s key data. It also provides for cross-correlation with other data points to find previously unknown data clusters. Overall this allows users to identify missed opportunities in audience targeting and product placement.

Notably, the Ojamu platform is powered by proprietary algorithms to analyze tons of data points at speed and efficiency automatically. Brands can save more time and overhead costs through the platform while conducting competitive research and identifying market gaps. Brands can also pivot quickly with real-time market data to validate creative insights and make data-driven decisions that lead to high success rates.

In addition, Ojamu offers a cross-chain solution since it is built on multiple leading blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana,  Polygon, and Polkadot.

In addition to the IDO and listing, Ojamu has also formed strategic partnerships to help grow its community. Last week, the platform partnered up with GameStation to deploy the Ojamu Intelligent Platform (OIP) to help optimize GameStaion’s marketing campaigns and drive user acquisition strategy.