OMG Price Prediction

OMG Price Prediction

The OMG Network, previously known as OmiseGO, is a technology company which mission is to provide people with secure access to financial services. Its OMG token allows users to make exchanges within the platform.

To increase scalability and speed up transaction processing, the project uses MoreViable  Plasma technology (sidechains on smart contracts). Its idea was created by Vitalik Buterin and a Lightning Network developer, Joseph Poon. Plasma allows you to integrate child networks that take transactions off the main chain. Thus, the load on the parent blockchain is significantly reduced, which, theoretically, will allow processing several billion transactions per second.

OMG statistics

Let’s take a closer look at the OMG token according to CoinMarketCap data:

OMG Roadmap

According to our research, the latest OMG Roadmap was published in 2019:

In 2020, OmiseGo was rebranded to the OMG Network. It was a good year for the project:

  • First public testnet with audited contracts was launched;
  • The new Web wallet (formerly js-starter-kit) was launched;
  • OMG Block Explorer started its work;
  • OMG Network’s Plasma Blockchain was introduced.

Unfortunately, 2021 still has no updated Roadmap for the OMG Network. However, another rebranding was done: the Boba Network was launched. Boba is an L2 Ethereum scaling & augmenting solution built by the Enya team as core contributors to the OMG Foundation. The main features of the Boba Network are:

  • Reduce gas fees;
  • Improves transaction throughput;
  • Extends the capabilities of smart contracts.

It seems like the OMG team won’t publish Roadmap anymore, but the ecosystem is constantly developing and detailed reports are published on the official website.

Crypto community about OMG

The price of the OMG token has risen quite sharply in September 2021, so the token is actively discussed by the crypto community on Twitter. Somebody believes in the higher price:

Soroush Osivand gives a less optimistic forecast:

Looks like good news, when all is red but OMG is green!

OMG price prediction 2021

Let’s see what OMG price predictions are provided by different services so that you can analyze them in detail.

  • According to information on TradingBeasts, the price of this cryptocurrency for 2021 has been announced as follows:

  • The WalletInvestor service offers users the following OMG price prediction 2021:

OMG price prediction 2022

According to Digitalcoinprice experts, the OMG price might touch $18.94 in the middle of 2022, but closer to the end of the year the price will be lower ~ $14.48.
TradingBeasts experts predict $8.38045 per 1 OMG by the end of 2022.

OMG price prediction 2025

Zephyrnet published an article where they make a conclusion that in 2025 the OMG price might fluctuate at the level of $15, or further growth is expected until the crypto reaches the mark of $28 for one token.

OMG price prediction 2030 predicts 2030 as a good year for OMG with a price of $359.92 per 1 OMG by the end of 2030.

Historical OMG price analysis

All Time High: $28.35 (Jan 08, 2018)
All Time Low: $0.3197 (Jul 16, 2017)

The initial coin offering (ICO) was opened on June 23, 2017. At launch, the OMG crypto price has started from $0.39 per token. After the ICO, the OMG price showed a steep rise. It reached a price of $28.35 on January 8, 2018. It was its all-time high which was followed by a price correction. Like most cryptocurrencies, the price of this token fluctuated greatly during several months with a downward trend and in 2019 the average price was ~$1 per 1 OMG.

OMG can be called a truly revolutionary technology in the field of finance. Many people pay attention to the foresight of the team, employees anticipate many problems and try to solve them in advance. The support of Vitalik Buterin and other well-known figures in the crypto industry is of great importance.

The project continues to actively develop and in September 2021 OMG showed active growth.

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