Out Of Space: The One-Stop-Shop For DeFi And NFTs

Out Of Space: The One-Stop-Shop For DeFi And NFTs
Out Of Space: The One-Stop-Shop For DeFi And NFTs

Out Of Space, an ecosystem that brings various crypto use cases and functionalities together is planning to launch its seed round soon. The effort will support its initial developmental steps including market research and product development.

Notably, Out Of Space is a platform that brings together decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), peer-to-peer (P2P), and Play-to-Earn (P2E). It also offers centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEXs and DEXs), alongside a range of trading tools.

The project’s relevance lies in the fact that there are numerous crypto and blockchain functionalities, but they are so scattered it becomes hard for users to access all of them on one platform. The crypto market is now at a $3 trillion market cap, with cryptocurrencies marking new all-time highs. The cryptoverse has also grown substantially on the springboard of the multi-billion dollar DeFi and NFTs industries. Out Of Space was conceived as a one-stop-shop for a suite of projects to ease user navigation through the cryptoverse.

Following its recent introduction into the crypto market, Out Of Space is now making a beta product offering. The project’s team developed a fully functional prototype that is experiencing continuous improvement based on user feedback and market trends. The Out Of Space community has also experienced considerable growth, placing it on the road too soon becoming one of the most notable decentralized communities.

In comparison to other decentralized platforms, Out Of Space stands out since it is building an ecosystem of its own, rather than building on top of other platforms. This guarantees safety, privacy, and 100% decentralization. Additionally, the smart contract-enabled blockchain allows developers to deploy independent dApps which can interact with each other. Out Of Space takes pride in being user-friendly by featuring common ecosystem tools for seamless use.

On top of that, Out Of Space’s P2P crypto exchange allows users to converse on the best conditions for carrying out trades. It also hosts an escrow service to promote security and credibility.

The Out Of Space NFT marketplace plans to focus on creative and high-potential artists, providing them with the best conditions for the generation of NFTs. All collectibles will come with a detailed description and low transaction fees. But out of all these, the best part is that this NFT platform supports a variety of users ranging from traders, investors, developers, job seekers, and IT or blockchain, specialists.

Many NFT platforms boast of rare collectibles, but only a few of them are trustworthy. Most have low-quality projects and a non-existent review process, whereas highly-ranked marketplaces have high transaction costs. Out Of Space aims to solve these pain points by enabling the trading of rare NFTs, with minimal minting and trading fees.

In the future, as the multi-utility blockchain expands its coverage, Out Of Space will incorporate a decentralized NFT social network with user personal NFT pages. The platform will also host a messenger for traders to interact and learn from each other.

To learn more about Out of Space visit Outspace.io.