Panther Protocol Partners With Firo to Boost Privacy Technology

Panther Protocol Partners With Firo to Boost Privacy Technology
Panther Protocol Partners With Firo to Boost Privacy Technology

Panther Protocol, an end-to-end privacy protocol that integrates blockchains to develop privacy technologies has entered a partnership with Firo, a privacy advocator digital currency that facilitates true financial freedom for users according to a recent announcement.

It is quite interesting that the partnering companies both have their focuses on facilitating privacy infrastructures for financial institutions and large corporations. Hence, the collaboration is likely regarded as a suitable one since both companies are recognized for advocating privacy.

Panther Protocol with its integration with the blockchain industry restores privacy in Web3 and DeFi such that financial institutions can easily participate in digital asset markets. Firo on the other hand seeks to create an avenue for untraceable transactions and true financial freedom which eliminates unwanted intruders.

According to the announcement, the companies have joined efforts to technically ignite and research basically on privacy technology research, cross-chain bridges, and liquidity. This will enable them to develop new technology and invest in new ways of deploying zero-knowledge-proof systems relevant to privacy schemes.

The co-founder and project Steward at Firo, Reuben Yap, acknowledged the potential impact of the partnership while expressing the company’s delight in the partnership.

“We welcome this opportunity. It is incumbent on advocates of privacy to travel together. Working with Panther, we will have a great opportunity to collaborate on our ZK technologies. Onboarding with Panther will also give us access to other chains and as a result, much increased liquidity,” he said.

The CEO of Panther, Oliver Gale, also contributed to the new development while welcoming the collaboration, saying;

“At Panther, we take our R&D very seriously. Working with Firo will be an interesting challenge. In some ways, the Firo product is more like a competitor, but we are keen to trade Firo assets on our InterChain DEX. Both companies are dedicated to the defense of privacy and that creates our common bond.”