Polkadot (DOT) Goes to Public’s Opinion for Parachain

  • Polkadot finalizes it’s initiatives on parachain enablings.
  • Further, the public has to decide the passing for the decision.
  • Once passed, Polkadot will enable profuse parachain integrations and crowdloans too.

The recent approach towards developments on technological aspects upon the blockchain ecosystem is the parachains. Developing new specific blockchains for specialized projects and interlinking them together is the trend now. 

Accordingly, the Polkadot (DOT) is one of the first parents for devising the parachains. The Polkadot ecosystem now not only acts as a profuse decentralized blockchain ecosystem, but much more than that. 

In such terms, Polkadot has been into the decision to enable the integration of parachains through its platforms. Apart from this teh Polkadot with parachain enabling will also denote the start of crowdloans for the projects. 

Owing on Hands of the Public

In spite of all the buzz with regards to the Polkadot platform, Polkadot has finally come to some decisions. However, as the decision couldnt be taken by them as such, now they put in to the hands of the users and the public to state their views. 

Accordingly, Polkadot took to Twitter, tweeting regarding it officially, a few hours back. In addition, the tweet mentions that the council of Polkadot has finally agreed with the passing of the Parachain attributes and the crowdloan too. 

Moreover, they term that they have now sorted it to the hands of the general public to vote their views in regards to Polkadot’s decisions. Also, they mention that if the decision gets passed then different parachain teams could enroll themselves. 

Furthermore, with the registrations, the parachain teams could now start their crowdloan for their projects upon the Polkadot platform.

Besides, upon the tweet they have also mentioned the link for the people to cast their vote. And so, at the time of writing the voting has so far turned out positive and it seems Polkadot will be passing the parachain and crowdfund attribute services anytime. 

Probably, it’s expected to launch the services on November 4, as stated in the tweet.

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