Pollen DeFi is tapping into the Future of DeFi with Participatory Asset Governance

With the announcement of their roadmap to launch Pollen DeFi has revealed they have been building an advanced update of the platform. The project is ready to launch its countdown after closing a round of private funding, raising $5 million US with key strategic backers, including The Graph and AlphaBit. The team has identified market conditions and consumer sentiment toward decentralised finance that it believes are suited to the launch of a product designed to attract a broader audience to DeFi, and so has commenced its launch roadmap.

Community members now have the opportunity to manage a fully decentralised portfolio of assets. Pollen DeFi allows for the creation and distribution of dynamically managed index tokens (called ‘asset pool tokens’). Users can now crowdsource the construction of a new portfolio of assets, similar to a traditionally managed investment portfolio but without the middlemen. Allowing for increased user autonomy, Pollen DeFi enables users to build their reputation on the platform and receive rewards for taking more calculated risks.

Community driven asset indexes

Pollen DeFi is a merit-based DAO. It provides a reputation-based governance protocol with incentives that leverage the community’s collective wisdom. The community curates the portfolio that is represented by the asset pool tokens. In this system, all users of the platform stand to benefit from the contribution of the best-performing participants. The PAI (Portfolio Asset Index) token will be managed 24-7 by the DAO community and is designed to be a low volatility ‘DeFi Lego’ which can be used in other protocols in the decentralised finance ecosystem.

The Pollen (PLN) token is the governance token users will hold in their wallet in order to actively propose portfolio rebalancing and earn rewards for good performance if they are a trader, or to passively delegate their power to the best performers to passively earn rewards.  All rewards are earned in PLN tokens.

Communities will be able to create and manage alternative asset pool tokens after Pollen DeFi launches. Well-known traders and investors, online communities or other groups will be able to launch their own asset pool token backed by a portfolio of assets that they manage collectively through the platform. Portfolios managed on the Pollen DeFi platform are governed and continually optimized by a community governed consensus layer. The platform allows users to decide how they wish to engage with digital assets.

Pollen DeFi Project Lead and Co-Founder, Philip Verrien explained:

“We identified the need for easily accessible, mature decentralized financial products with appeal to a broader audience. The next generation of DeFi. We have been building what we believe will be the central DeFi 2.0 product: the first truly decentralized asset management protocol, Pollen DeFi. It will challenge the way people approach their crypto portfolio and give them dynamic new options.”

Future Plans

Pollen DeFi is re-thinking asset management to offer 24-7 dynamic portfolio management by the most skilled in the community, reduce risk from individual trading and having 100% crypto exposure, and create a safe platform for managing digital assets leveraging the power of community intelligence.

As part of its roadmap, it will partner with a major launchpad and go live on the Ethereum and Polygon networks (other layer 2 solutions are being developed). It has a planned community product release for Q4 of this year with mainnet in Q1. ’ More information will follow later in October on the launchpad and how to join the community release.

The team has confirmed that the Alpha test release of the Pollen DeFi product will be removed from the site on Friday 15th October ahead of revealing a significant upgrade to the user experience of the platform.

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