Popular Analyst Tweets About Polygon Allowing Users to Skip ETH

  • The Ethereum layer is a series of smart contracts built on Ethereum.
  • Its rival, Cosmos, employs a WASM-based virtual machine.

Polygon, formerly Matic Network, is a framework for creating blockchain networks. It uses an innovative sidechain method to solve several of Ethereum’s fundamental flaws, including throughput, user experience, and community governance. Unlike Matic Network, which utilizes Plasma to process transactions off-chain before confirming them on the Ethereum main chain. Moreover, Polygon is a complete platform built for building interoperable blockchains.

Developers may use Polygon to create custom blockchain networks. Furthermore, modules let developers design sovereign blockchains with more particular capabilities. Polygon’s architecture consists of four layers: Ethereum, Security, Polygon networks, and execution.

The Ethereum layer is a series of smart contracts built on Ethereum. Moreover, it also handles staking and communication between Ethereum and the Polygon chains. The security layer operates alongside Ethereum and offers “validators as a service” to provide chains with an extra degree of protection. Ethereum and Security are optional.

Polygons EVM

There are two more required levels. In the first layer, Polygon networks are created on top of each other. Furthermore, each one has its own community and is in charge of generating blocks. Moreover, the second layer is Polygon’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), executing smart contracts.

For starters, it leverages the Ethereum Virtual Engine, making it more accessible to developers familiar with Ethereum and Solidity; its rival, Cosmos, employs a WASM-based virtual machine.

As per the recent tweet by famous analyst Lark Davis, 85 percent of MATIC’s 130 million user accounts have no activity on the same Ethereum address. Furthermore, Lark elaborated that Polygon allowed users to skip ETH and has onboarded 110 million addresses straight to EVM compatible DeFi, NFTs, and games.

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