QChain: Benefits Of Decentralized Storage

While one of the most common benefits of blockchain and decentralized finance is unarguably a better, faster, cheaper, and more secured financial system, it is not the only one. Blockchain has developed several use cases that optimize day-to-day functioning, such as securing copyright, managing a large-scale operation, and storing data online in a decentralized environment. 

QChain has come up as a pioneer in decentralized storage as it does not store user data in a single place like typical cloud storage by encrypting and splitting them into parts to distribute among various network nodes to ensure the highest level of protection and privacy.

How does QChain operate?

QChain offers a file storage feature where storage spaces are created on nodes by their owners on any device with a node installed. When a user uploads their file on QStorage DCS, the platform encrypts it using an AES-256-GCM encryption scheme before uploading them on decentralized cloud storage to ensure that no one, including QChain, can view private data.

Once the files are uploaded on the platform it is divided into several parts which are then distributed among system nodes. Regardless of the size, all the files are divided into 80 parts, and to download those files a user must have access to at least 29 nodes. 

Once the files are encrypted and split, they are distributed among various blockchain users who then store them on their physical devices which makes chances of data leakage absolutely zero. A file owner can access those files from anywhere around the world using their encryption key. 

To upload files to QStorage, users must have a node installed on their device. After downloading the node, a user can simply upload files by navigating to the Products section and choosing QStorage. Click on the Create button to select a folder to upload on the storage. A file of 25 KB size requires 1 QDT(QChain token), which is a one-time fee. 

Benefits of QChain Decentralized Cloud Storage

QChain not only encrypts and splits the files to ensure a safe and decentralized storage mechanism, but it also offers reliability and ease of use. Here are some of the benefits of Decentralized Storage offered by QChain. 

  • Reliable protection as the files are not only encrypted but split to ensure that there is zero chance of data leakage.
  • Only the owner of files has access to the encryption key, which is essential to view and download the files from the blockchain.
  • As QChain is decentralized cloud storage, users always have access to their data even if some nodes are offline.
  • QChain is an open-source network, and anyone can view the network details at any time. 
  • The cost of storing data (25 KB – 1 QDT) is about 90% less than a typical cloud service. 
  • QChain offers multi-region support and provides an easy and restriction-free way to manage files.

Decentralized Cloud Storage such as QStorage is the future of cloud storage as they are protected using blockchain technology and are decentralized. To learn more about QChain Storage DCS, visit https://qstorage.cloud/

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