Quadency’s New Update Introduces New Features To Grow Its Ecosystem

Quadency’s New Update Introduces New Features To Grow Its Ecosystem
Quadency's New Update Introduces New Features To Grow Its Ecosystem

Quadency, a cryptocurrency trading, and strategy automation platform is pleased to reintroduce its recently revamped trading and automation platform that will provide users with seamless access to crypto across decentralized and centralized exchanges.

As per the announcement, Quandency will serve as a single access point for various assets, which will help address fragmentation issues within the market. The new upgrade brings new features that include providing users with industry best trading fees discounted further with QUAD, the native platform token. The platform is free to use for all users during the revamp period.

The official Twitter account reads:

“Quadency has launched a phased overhaul of its trading and strategy automation platform to allow seamless access to crypto across centralized and decentralized exchanges through a single account.”

The upgrade will also see that Quadency provides a faster and simplified user experience accompanied by great tools for investors such as ‘1-click’ staking. Another new feature is more automation as Quadency continues to build on the popularity of existing bots like their Portfolio Rebalancer.

Commenting on the upgrade, Rosh Singh, CEO, and Co-Founder of Quadency, stated: 

“Cryptocurrency is a burgeoning market, expected to grow from $2.5 trillion today to over $10 trillion in the coming years. But for the average trader, many early investment opportunities have been largely out of reach, hindered by unreliable tools, fragmented markets, and complex technologies. At Quadency, we aim to simplify this access, opening the door to a new wave of investors.”

Launched back in 2018, Quadency was created to offer asset research services, portfolio analytics, and streaming data for charts. Quadency’s mission is to provide investors with a better digital asset trading and management experience. 

Notably, Quadency was first founded in New York but later set its base in the British Virgin Islands. Currently, the platform has combined a great team of works and developers from different global communities. 

The platform offers pre-built trading strategies that are powered by sophisticated bots. As a result, Quadency now manages over $1.5 billion in digital assets. In addition, the platform has helped its users connect to leading crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase Pro. 

Quadency is currently preparing to leverage its native token, QUAD, to expand its ecosystem while rewarding users to participate in various activities. Some of the activities include staking, trading, liquidity mining, and sharing of bot strategies.

For more information, please visit: https://quadency.com/quad-token/.

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