Quant Price Prediction

Quant Price Prediction

Quant is a protocol that provides developers of decentralized applications with the technology for the secure exchange of information and assets on any network and at any scale. Such properties are provided by the corporate DLT gateway Overledger. It complements existing systems with distributed ledger technology, which stimulates the development of the company or structure. In general terms, Quant is a bridge between blockchain and other organized systems.

QNT is an ERC-20 token that performs a functional role in the system: it is used to pay for services and various fees in the Quant Network ecosystem.

QNT statistics

To learn more about the QNT crypto and understand how it looks on the market, let’s check the data from the CoinMarketCap service:

The Quant Roadmap

Currently Quant has no Roadmap. According to Gilbert Verdian (CEO), 2021 year is focused on onboarding its clients to the network, along with marketing and expanding the team. Let’s take a look at what updates were done recently:

  • MainNet access for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple blockchains through Overledger;
  • The identity verification process was upgraded (KYC is not needed for TestNet access);
  • The engineering team has migrated the Overledger Test Environment and the Overledger Production Environment into AWS EKS clusters for improved resilience
  • The Overledger nodes resilience were improved;
  • “My Profile” and “Create Account” pages have been updated for the best user experience;
  • In addition, a different approach for generating mDApp IDs for developers was implemented.

Despite the fact that the team, currently, doesn’t share their plans for the QNT development, we can conclude that the platform is successfully moving forward, growing and all changes on the platform are carried out solely to improve the user’s product experience.

Crypto community about QNT

There are many crypto enthusiasts who believe in the Quant ecosystem.
Some people predict $1,000 by the end of September and $12,000 by the end of the year.

Very interesting comparison of QNT and iPhone prices are shown below:

There is one more positive forecast for QNT:

QNT price prediction 2021

Here we have collected information for you from various services which show what QNT price can be expected for the last month of 2021.

The TraidingBeasts service offers us the following price forecast for this cryptocurrency:

TradingBeasts.com 21/09/2021

The WalletInvestor service shows us the following QNT price prediction for 2021:

WalletInvestor.com 21/09/2021

Analysts of the DigitalcoinPrice service assume that the forecast for the price of the QNT token for 2021 will be as follows:

DigitalCoinPrice.com 21/09/2021

QNT price prediction 2023

According to Tradingbeasts service by the end of 2023, the average Quant price is expected to be $377.001

QNT price prediction 2025

Digitalcoinprice analysts estimate that by the end of 2025 the price of the QNT crypto could reach approximately $894.92.

QNT price prediction 2030

Icocreed crypto experts predict that the average QNT price by the end of 2030 will touch $ 8,097.44.

Historical QNT price analysis

All Time High: $428.38 (Sept 11, 2021)
All Time Low: $0.1636 (Aug 23, 2018)

According to historical data, the QNT price had low volatility during the 2018-2020 years. The price had a slow uptrend and grew from the historical minimum of $0.1636 to $11.23. However, the project was greatly developed and updated within these years and 2021 year appeared as a skyrocketing year for Quant. The main reason for price growth in 2021 was listing announce on the Binance platform in the middle of the year (Jul 30). When trades began, the QNT price rise fast and touch an all-time high on Sept 11 ($428.38).
According to several price predictors that we’ve reviewed the QNT price has a good potential to touch the new historical maximum every year.

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