RAVE Token

RAVE Token
Rave token

$RAVE is a Cardano Native token deployed on the Cardano network. Rave has a total supply of 1 Billion, With $RAVE, you will be granted the ability to interact with our platform on the Cardano network, staking, providing liquidity.View $Rave On CardanoscanToken Name: RavenDex Token Ticker: $RAVEDecimals: 18

Rave Use Case

Ravenstake:$Rave token holders can utilize our staking platform when launched to up to 25% additional return on staked assets. The amount of $RAVE allocated determines the size of the stake and rewards are paid out after each cycle.$RAVE Liquidity Mining ProgramWhen holding $RAVE

, you can choose to provide liquidity to projects on our DEX and receive a percentage of the liquidity fees. A solution much like staking.Paying For Platform FeesGovernanceStaking & Yield Farming

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