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The crypto industry offers many investment options, from day trading to HODLing and yield farming, the list goes on. However, finding the best opportunity and leveraging it is quite a challenge since there are over 6,000 cryptocurrency projects in existence.

While each project claims to be different, none has offered the opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to indirectly invest in startups by just purchasing a coin or token.

An upcoming blockchain project dubbed Revenue Coin’ aims to build the world’s first revenue token that will make investors an integral part of the journey of new tech companies.

What is Revenue Coin (RevCoin)?

Revenue Coin (RVC) is an ERC-20 token with a primary focus on helping new and promising tech companies raise capital by channeling funds used to purchase the tokens to back the firms financially.

In exchange, funded companies share a percentage of their revenues with RVC token holders through the company Revenue Capital, which operates Revenue Coins and distributes a portion of revenues to buy back RVC tokens on the market, reducing supply and boosting value over time.

The general idea of the Revenue Coin project is:

  • Interested investors purchase RVC tokens to fund, support, and connect with promising, high-tech companies looking to scale globally
  • The funds invested by the community via the purchase of RVC tokens are used to fund selected companies in Revenue Capital’s ecosystem
  • The funded companies grow their revenues by deploying funds and technical know-how in specific activities like development, sales, and marketing
  • The companies share up to 10% of their revenue with Revenue Capital, which are then used to buy back and burn RVC tokens, reducing the supply and increasing its value over time.

Aside from the revenues and tokenomics associated with Revenue Coin’s increasing value, investors also benefit in other ways:

Access to Hidden Products: RVC holders receive access to acquire new and existing Revenue Coin products at discounted prices before they are listed to the public.

Voting Rights: RVC holders are allowed to participate in key decision-making involving projects, products, and portfolio companies in the Revenue Capital ecosystem. RVC holders get to decide which projects in the ecosystem receive funding and support.

Means of Payment: RVC can be used to make payments for various products in the Revenue Capital ecosystem. Products and services from partner companies are offered at a discount to RVC holders who make payments using RVC.

The RVC roadmap includes listing tokens against major trading pairs on popular digital asset platforms like Binance, Coinbase, and KuCoin. Traders familiar with new coin listings on exchanges understand that such pairings and developments affect the price of crypto assets when trading opens.

RVC’s Upcoming Sale

At the moment, RVC tokens are not available on exchanges. The token generation event (TGE) is slated for 6 December 2021. RVC is in a Private Sale 2 stage in which the company has raised $728,500, which reflects 29% of a total goal of $2.5 million to fund six companies in the first year.

Users can join the Private Sale’s second stage at the price of $0.0095, by visiting the Revenue Coin website and selecting a package. Interested investors can purchase any number of RVC tokens for a minimum of $1000.


Contrary to the countless ways most crypto projects aim to help investors find the best opportunities, none focus on the intersection of merging venture capital investing with crypto investing, creating mechanisms through which promising companies can easily raise funds and give back to investors.

Revenue Capital, through Revenue Coin, attempts to close this gap. RVC works to make it possible for crypto users all over the world to invest in the fastest-growing, high-tech startups and become a part of building the infrastructures of tomorrow.

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