Ripple violate Coinbase

Developer team of Ripple firm is looking to bring a revolution and advancement in their Ripple network through a massive upgrade in the XRP Ledger.

In the present time Ripple vs SEC case is in light and both of these two parties are not ready to go back. Both of these parties are showing their solid points at their best. Amid such lawsuits and rush, Ripple is not stopping their partnership and development work. Recently they announced support for Paydek. 

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As per announcement, the first upgrade will enable federated sidechains. Federated side chains will allow the deployment of Defi and Smart Contract features for the developers. And the most important thing of the upgrade, that it will not cause any impact on the XRPL’s efficiency. 

RippleX, Ripple’s investment and development entity, stated that the upgrade will allow the developers to do experiments on the blockchain network and also they can view and comment on the technology. 

The Ripple Chief technology officer, David Schwartz, stated on this new initiative and said that new features will allow a very easiest and convenient way for the developers to develop their own private network to bring their project live as per their needs.

“Sidechains make it easy for developers to customize the chain for their use cases, such as private networks, securities trading, DeFi”

CTO also said that they are working on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain. Their new initiative will bring a cross chain interpretability for the developers. And it will lower the height of the barriers, which are a restriction for the developers to develop high profile and better Defi projects.

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