Robinhood CEO seems not ready for Shiba Inu Listing

Robinhood CEO seems not ready for Shiba Inu Listing
Robinhood CEO seems not ready for Shiba Inu Listing 4

In an interview, the CEO of Robinhood indicated that the Robinhood platform is not interested in the Shiba Inu coin. 

The whole crypto space knows about Elon Musk & DogeCoin very well that how these two popular names pushed Shiba Inu to enter this crypto space after a long sleep. Shiba Inu coin grabbed huge attention in the crypto community because of Elon Musk shoutout during an SNL show. 

Shiba Inu coins are listed on Coinbase & Binance exchanges already. And in the latest, it got listed on The public platform is popularly known as Robinhood rival. So rumours started to spread in the crypto space that Robinhood may soon consider listing Shiba in coins. 

But in the latest interview on CNBC’s “Mad Money” on 21 October, Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev indicated that he is not interested in Shiba Inu listing. 

When the host of “Mad Money” asked a question to the Robinhood CEO about their plan on Shiba Inu then Tenev said that he heard much about the community of Shiba Inu coin. And further statements of Robinhood confirmed that they don’t want to talk about their decision on the Shiba Inu coin listing. 

Safety first 

After the discussion on the Shiba Inu coin, Robinhood CEO asserted that their platform offers only 7 crypto assets because they want to provide better safety for their users.

“I think it goes back to safety first. We are not generally going to be the first to add any new asset. We wanna make sure that it goes through a stringent set of criteria”

This statement on the user’s safety indicates that the Robinhood platform doesn’t want to go with crypto assets listing to make Money. They want to ensure better support and a big community behind the crypto assets before the listing on the platform.

Here we can consider that Robinhood CEO is sceptical about the support of Shiba Inu coin in the crypto space. 

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