Robinhood will provide 24×7 Phone supports for their all crypto and non-crypto users 4

Because of the increasing safety and security needs to ensure the safety of the funds, Robinhood launched its 24×7 facilities to contact directly with the support anytime.

In Tuesday’s announcement, Robinhood released 24×7 and every day of the week to support their crypto and non-crypto users. So all the users, who signed up to use the Robinhood platform, will get customer phone call support every day & anytime, without any restriction of holiday or weekend. 

Earlier, chat support was available but that was a time consuming part. While chat support is still available but alongside chat support, Robinhood users can use phone call support. Robinhood claimed that they are doing this because they want Increase the security and ensure the safety of the funds of their customers. So customers can deal easily with their sensitive problems through phone calls. 

The chief operating officer, Christine Brown, of Robinhood platform did a conversation regarding this new launching of phone call support with Cointelegraph. Brown said that their users Volume is Increasing and with the increasing of the volumes, Robinhood users needed to wait for a long time to get support from the Robinhood platform. 

Brown also said that there are three basic barriers of financial services i.e economic, educational and emotional. And the firm is trying to overcome these things. Further she added 

“To overcome emotional barriers, we need to help everyone feel that they’re ready to become investors, that they belong, and that they’ll get the support they need when they need it. We hope providing 24/7 phone support will continue to break down these barriers.”

This is indeed a big need for financial services because people need help in those times, when they are not aware about their safety. A recent matter of Coinbase can be seen, where they revealed that hackers hacked around 6000 accounts of their customers, but how the hackers accessed all the email and password of their customers, they don’t know. So security and support is really a big need for such types of platform, Because once funds goes, then no one can reverse it. 

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