Samsung Announces “Home of Sam,” a New Metaverse Space

  • Samsung Latam has opted to create its own space on the Ethereum-based Decentraland.
  • As a Metaverse experience on the Roblox platform, Samsung debuted Space Tycoon in July.

The regional division of the electronics giant, Samsung Latam, has chosen to create its own space. On the Ethereum-based metaverse platform Decentraland. Users will be able to interact virtually with various Samsung products in the “House of Sam” space.

The purpose of this move, according to reports, is to introduce the brand to a new generation of consumers by leveraging the metaverse. The area was inaugurated on September 1 with a virtual show by the Brazilian duo Melim and is now accessible to users.

Arthur Wong, marketing director for Samsung Latam, stated that:

“At Decentraland, one of the most democratic and open places in the metaverse. Our users will be able to connect and take part in special concerts, classes, and events that we will give gratis. We want to get closer and closer to Gen Z. Our younger customers who no longer distinguish between the real world and the digital world.”

Rewards & Activities the Company Offers

The House of Sam will offer a series of brand-related mini-games that award users with prizes. In the form of unique wearables for its avatars in Decentraland. The Freestyle portable projector is one of the most recognizable items from the Samsung brand that is also present in the virtual environment.

Samsung has already invaded the metaverse in several ways, including this one. The corporation is also engaged in the NFT market and the bitcoin mining chip field. The company introduced Space Tycoon as a new Roblox platform metaverse experience in July. The business inaugurated its store in Decentraland in January.

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