SEC agency will held an open meeting on crypto on 2 December

SEC agency will held an open meeting on crypto on 2 December
SEC agency will held an open meeting on crypto on 2 December 2

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will hold a meeting on the crypto-related matter next month. 

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) agency is responsible for handling all the regulation work on the crypto spot market and also handling the illicit activities associated with the crypto and other related stock market fields. However, derivatives-related matters are under the authority of CFTC. 

In the latest, the US SEC agency announced that they will hold an open meeting on crypto. The name of the open meeting that will be held on 2 December 2021, is “Helping to Ensure Investor Protection and Market Integrity in the Face of New Technologies”.

Through the title, we can say that the whole purpose of the meeting will be to ensure the protection of the crypto investors in this crypto ecosystem.

In the crypto panel discussion, attendees will discuss the regulation on the crypto market and the ability of the existing framework, and how much they are protecting investors in different fields of the space.

The main attendees of the crypto panel discussion will be Panelists and moderators mainly. They will attend it remotely.

Particular penalizes and moderators that we can consider importantly right now, are

•Ali Emdad, professor and associate dean, Earl G. Graves

•School of Business and Management at Morgan State

•University, and founding director of the Center for the Study of

•Blockchain and Financial Technology

•Tyrone Ross, CEO, Onramp Invest

•Sydney Schaub, chief legal officer, general counsel, and corporate secretary, Gemini

•Kristin Smith, executive director, The Blockchain Association

The details on this crypto panel discussion are still unclear but experts believe that panel will focus on the agency’s decision on the recent approval of the Bitcoin futures ETF products and planning on the next applications based on the Bitcoin spot ETF products. However, all these are part of expectations only.

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