Secretum: The Solana Blockchain-Powered Messaging And Crypto Trading Platform

Secretum: The Solana Blockchain-Powered Messaging And Crypto Trading Platform
Secretum: The Solana Blockchain-Powered Messaging And Crypto Trading Platform

World’s fastest blockchain, Solana in its efforts to enhance the blockchain industry and make the experience unique for enthusiasts, has sought to create an ecosystem where crypto users can trade, transfer data, and communicate with each other within a single platform via its powered messaging app, Secretum.

Following a recent press release, Secretum, is a Solana blockchain-powered messaging and crypto trading platform. It is recognized as the world’s first and only decentralized, encrypted messaging and OTC trading Solana Blockchain app.

Secretum to Remediate Security Issues

The acquisition of crypto assets has become a desire for a wide range of people globally, as the rate of crypto holders has surged significantly over the years. Therefore, it has become the main priority for users to seek exclusively functioning platforms that can help secure their wealth. 

There is no doubt that it has been a major challenge for the crypto industry to effectively keep blockchain assets and data safe due to the loopholes found in most platforms that are barely user-friendly with costly services. 

These challenges have rendered many assets and businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks. However, the evolution of Secretum is birthed with the aim to remediate these major challenges faced by crypto enthusiasts.

Secretum in its unique functionalities has been powered by the intrinsic safety, robustness, and scalability of Blockchain to enable it to secure blockchain assets and data.

Secretum is basically focused on making communications and crypto ownership completely safe. The exclusive promising features of the messaging and trading app Secretum, include; data security, trading flexibility, messaging security, and cost-effectiveness.

In a bid to offer an amazing and discreet trading experience to users, Secretum will offer users the following access as stated;

  • Communicate directly and anonymously by messaging/phone/video with any other wallet owner in the world, based only on wallet addresses.
  • Trade crypto assets and tokens crypto P2P via an integrated ESC (escrow smart contract) functionality.
  • Make communications, file storage, and transactions secure from hackers and government interference via a decentralised distributed node network.
  • Receive rewards for app use and content creation, in addition to   paying for additional services/subscriptions, via the SER token.
  • Allow users to offer premium content on public channels to other platform users, in exchange for payments via the SER token.