Singaporean crypto exchange Coinhako adds Shiba inu support

Singaporean crypto exchange Coinhako adds Shiba inu support
Singaporean crypto exchange Coinhako adds Shiba inu support 2

Singapore-based crypto exchange Coinhako listed Shiba inu coin as another meme coin. 

Most crypto analyst believes that the trend and hype of the Shiba inu coin is now over and investors are not looking at the Shiba inu coin to make money. Despite such assumptions, the Shiba inu community is trying to go next level without rumours and hype, by taking steps with the crypto services.

On 22 November, Coinhako crypto exchange announced the listing of Shiba inu coin as a Dogecoin rival. Coinhako announced:

“Coinhako Singapore users can now buy Shiba Inu (SHIB) instantly with Singapore Dollars (SGD), United States Dollars (USD), debit and credit card, as well as GrabPay”

This step showed that the Shiba inu coin is not backed by retail and hype-based investors. This is getting better support from the crypto ecosystem’ firms. Because day by day new services are adding Shiba in their services.

Through the announcement blog, the Coinhako exchange highlighted the better things that happened in the crypto industry with Shiba inu coin. Coinhako pointed out an old contribution of the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik regarding the burning of 90% of Shiba inu coin and donation of 10% of Shiba tokens to the “India’s COVID-19 relief fund set up by Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal, marking the largest cryptocurrency donation in history”.

Toxicity with Shiba inu token trend

However Shiba inu token is totally a meme coin and also this coin has no use cases but still got support by the many crypto-inclined services, where people can use Shiba inu coin to buy foods, luxury cars, and payment for the services in AMC entertainment (soon in next month).

Due to the huge popularity of the Shiba inu, many fraudsters are trying to use the fame of Shiba inu to trick innocent people on social media with the name of free crypto giveaway scams.

The Shiba inu coin project team took to Twitter regarding this matter and warned all the Shiba inu coin lovers to remain away from such scams and suggested that to follow the basic principles in crypto.

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