SmithBot applies State-of-the-Art AI to trading Cryptocurrencies

Trading bots for cryptocurrencies deliver significant improvements over manual trading and SmithBot takes performance and simplicity even further. SmithBot applies powerful and unique AI algorithms to analyze huge amounts of data in real-time for generating trade signals with a high probability for profits. The user doesn’t have to worry about the right strategy or settings, it’s all optimized automatically.

Trading crypto is hard, but it doesn’t have to be

The crypto markets are highly volatile and open for trading 24/7. Monitoring the data all the time is virtually impossible for human traders. Moreover, finding a profitable strategy requires investing a lot of time and usually losing money until successful. In fact, many traders never find a long-term profitable strategy. Particularly crypto newbies are often driven by emotions such as FOMO and FUD as well as much unreliable information on social media.

Automating trading by a bot is certainly a good way to take the emotion out of trading and to relieve the burden on your invested time. But many bot providers still require you to select a strategy and set up parameters. Although they have functions to assist you with backtesting, often it is still a cumbersome process that can overwhelm beginners and that doesn’t always yield optimal results.

SmithBot is the next leap in cryptocurrency trading. Its bots autonomously learn an optimal strategy from massive amounts of data that is tuned to deliver the best possible results. Intensive testing ensures high stability and robustness under real conditions considering trading fees, spread, slippage, communication delays, and other real-world effects. No need for manual setups and time-consuming iterative testing and tuning cycles.

Trading with SmithBot is easy and safe

SmithBot is a SaaS platform accessible from any modern web browser on almost any device. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to compare, plot, and rank the different bots and to select the ones that suit you most. Connect a supported cryptocurrency exchange of your choice and your bots will start trading autonomously. Your funds stay on your exchange at all times and SmithBot does not have access to them.

The service comes with inherent reliability and unmatched uptime utilizing the infrastructure of a large trusted cloud provider. We put great emphasis on cybersecurity and encryption and select our data sources carefully to ensure their integrity. The SmithBot algorithms are not susceptible to market manipulation schemes or other fraudulent activities.


SmithBot offers advanced AI crypto trading bots for everyone, no matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader. Get a free demo account and find out more about this powerful solution. Trading cryptocurrencies has never been easier and safer.

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