Solana Is Now Available To Buy And Sell Via Skrill & NETELLER

Solana is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market and a high-performing smart contracts blockchain. Now, Solana is available in Skrill and NETELLER, where users can now buy and sell Solana through Paysafe services. Both Skrill and NETELLER are cryptocurrency services from the specialized payment platform Paysafe. 

Solana is a blockchain platform that prioritizes smart contracts and has an active ecosystem of DeFi and NFT projects. It is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain which makes it more friendly than Proof-of-Work (PoW). 

In addition, Skrill and NETELLER users can use their Solana accounts directly via the app. Users can also set up alerts to notify them of major movements in price value. Even more, this service allows users to set up automated options to repeat purchases for the cryptocurrencies available on the two digital wallets. The major cryptocurrencies in the wallets are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, and Uniswap. On the other hand, this service is available in countries where Skrill and NETELLER crypto services currently operate. As of now, it is not yet released in the United States.

Skrill is a global payment platform that has been offering simple and secured solutions since 2001. This platform has worked as the best solution for people’s businesses for buying online or sending money to family and friends. Whereas, NETELLER is a digital wallet that works in a simple way for sending and spending money online. It enables users to upload funds using credit or debit cards, bank accounts and other alternative payment options are also available.

Jordan Stoev Views On Solana

The head of crypto services, Skrill and NETELLER from Paysafe, Jordan Stoev says that the addition of Solana to their services is exciting and it would help in the growth of these services. He adds that Solana is growing rapidly in terms of price as well as in terms of projects that it is working on. Moreover, the performance and developments from the ecosystem of Solana will make users use the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency. 

Stoev also stated that:

“With the continuous surge in interest in cryptocurrencies over the last few years, and especially since the outbreak of the pandemic, we are excited to launch new features for our service, such as the addition of Solana.”

However, adding Solana to their services seems to help the platform in terms of growth. The payment solutions have initiated a step for their users to provide better, new, and secured ways to use their money conveniently. As Solana is an improved blockchain solution, the features from the platform will grab the attention of users. Moreover, the cryptocurrency services offer their users a better opportunity to experience the taste of Solana features.

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