Solana (SOL)- Best Crypto of 2021 By Its Massive Growth Rate

Solana (SOL)- Best Crypto of 2021 By Its Massive Growth Rate
Solana (SOL)- Best Crypto of 2021 By Its Massive Growth Rate

  • Solana ranks as one of the best crypto’s of the year 2021. 
  • Despite many challenges, SOL’s growth rate and resiliency are inspiring. 
  • SOL is spiking high with a  market value of $64.2 billion at present. 

As cryptocurrencies are waving high, spreading its services across the world, it is also expected to be the future currencies as well. Crypto adoption is expanding as many individuals and businesses are very eager to invest in digital assets. On the other hand, Cryptocurrencies are facing strong challenges with strict regulations.

With such setbacks, Solana (SOL) popped up as one of the best cryptocurrency of 2021 by its growth and resiliency. Even though facing strong headwinds, SOL is ranking 5th, surging in prices even in the last 24 hours.

SOL’s remarkable growth

As 2021 is ending, Solana’s growth as been rising with unique developments portraying its network more attractive to the users. Notable crypto asset firms like Grayscale have invested on this special token to scale the network, apart from the series of funding rounds.

Furthermore, Solana agreed to a deal with Brave, an open source web browser in the market. This collaboration with Brave will provide private security to Solana’s wallets working on Brave’s Web3 desktop and mobile browsers in Q1 of 2022.

As Solana aims to be a user-friendly network, it launches many convenient developments for its users. In recent times, Solana foundation reports that the network’s transaction cost consumes less energy than a google search.

Moreover, in comparison with transactions at Ethereum, Solana acts as a solution for slow transactions and high costs. As per the record Solana processes  over 2900 transactions per second. In addition, Solana is the world’s fastest blockchain platform recording a growing ecosystem in the crypto market.

Significantly, Solana is handling over 400 unique projects including Web3, DeFi, NFTs and others. Thus, with all such innovative developments, the nascent crypto asset is standing at $178.33, surging over 11.36% in the last 24 hours. Interestingly, new analysis are predicting SOL will hit $600 by 2022 maintaining high records.

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