Spellfire: Crypto Project Older than Crypto Marks ‘10 Days Growth’ Sprint

Spellfire: Crypto Project Older than Crypto Marks ‘10 Days Growth’ Sprint
Spellfire: Crypto Project Older than Crypto Marks ‘10 Days Growth’ Sprint

Spellfire is a 30-year old gaming project that has existed long before crypto itself came into being. However, today, it is exploring the possibilities in NFTs to further its growth. To mark St. Valentine’s day, the project has announced it is coming up with news on major developments for the next ten days.

The developments will include celebrities, MV integrations, leaks, etc. this has elicited interest from the project’s fans and the result is already showing in the price chart as the price has been going up. Spellfire has been preparing for this moment with different improvements and partnerships which have brought it up to this level when it is about to go out there.

Some major events that will be unveiled in the ‘10 Days of Growth’ sprint include New NFTs, celebrity backers, in-game partnerships, sneak-peaks, integrations of the game, and rewards to hodlers as part of the initial phase.

So far, the team has been actively developing Spellfire for four straight years. This is evident in the re-designed physical game. The game is already playable on tabletops while a Unity-powered digital version is coming later in the year. Limited Prime Edition NFT cards are also available on Opensea for Polygon users and more chains to support it soon.

Spellfire’s original NFT card owners can earn up to 90% of profits from subsequent sales of their playing card copies. Prime edition owners earn 10x return on investment. With physical and digital editions, both tabletop players and laptop gamers have access to the game which will be among the first to support multichain NFTs minted on Polygon, Solana, and BSC.

The game intends to bring interactivity and retain the human aspect of gaming which is being lost through the proliferation of metaverses. The new design comes with new cards, new mechanics, and many ways to make it fun for both new and experienced players.

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