StakeLayer Surpasses $500,000 Milestone in $STAKE Presale, Paving the Way for the Bitcoin Evolution

London, UK, April 8th, 2024, Chainwire

StakeLayer, a pioneering Restaking platform operating on Bitcoin L2, has marked a significant milestone by successfully concluding two phases of its Presale, securing over $500,000 in funding.

During the Presale, early participants have an opportunity to purchase $STAKE – native token of StakeLayer ecosystem. Holders will be able to use their tokens to potentially get additional rewards from vaults and participate in DeFi activities. 

StakeLayer’s groundbreaking EigenLayer for Bitcoin introduces a paradigm shift in Bitcoin’s Layer 2 landscape, revolutionizing interactions with the premier cryptocurrency through innovative Restaking capabilities. Token Generation Event is scheduled for Q2 2024. 

Inspired by Ethereum’s EigenLayer, StakeLayer implements a bespoke restaking mechanism tailored specifically for Bitcoin. This mechanism empowers Bitcoin holders to unlock additional rewards by actively participating in Proof-of-Stake activities within various applications nested within Bitcoin’s L2. 

By seamlessly integrating Proof-of-Stake into Bitcoin’s ecosystem, StakeLayer pioneers a transformative approach, enhancing capital efficiency and security while expanding Bitcoin’s utility.

Key Advantages of StakeLayer Include:

  • Augmented Security: The restaking framework introduced by StakeLayer has the potential to bolster the overall security of the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • BTC Mirror Mechanism: StakeLayer facilitates seamless interaction with DeFi protocols without the need for off-chain $BTC transfers.
  • Enhanced Capital Efficiency: StakeLayer enables Bitcoin holders to optimize returns, thereby enhancing capital efficiency.

Despite being in its early stages, StakeLayer’s distinctive features and promising trajectory underscore its potential to reshape Bitcoin’s evolution and seamlessly integrate it into the dynamic DeFi landscape.

Users can participate in the Presale via this link

About StakeLayer

StakeLayer presents a novel approach to unlocking new functionalities for Bitcoin, introducing a revolutionary EigenLayer on Bitcoin. By introducing restaking on Bitcoin’s L2, it opens doors for increased capital efficiency, potential security benefits, and a wider range of applications built on the Bitcoin network.

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