SubQuery Provides Support for OriginTrail with Rapid Data Indexing



SubQuary, a data aggregation network offering web3 infrastructure services, has collaborated with Origin Trail. The partnership reportedly takes into account the utilization of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph of OriginTrail to drive a certifiable internet concerning artificial intelligence. The decentralized, open, flexible, and rapid data indexing solution of SubQuery is quite assistive in this respect.

SubQuery and OriginTrail Partner to Revolutionize the Web3 Ecosystem

The respective indexing permits developers in the blockchain sector to conveniently query the data on the chain for applications and protocols. Instead of developing their separate indexing solutions, blockchain developers have the liberty for other things. In this respect, they can concentrate on product growth and consumer experience with the use of SubQuery.

OriginTrail’s prominent blockchain engineer Nikola commented on this development. As per him, the platform has been utilizing SubQuery and it has emerged as a user-friendly mechanism. Apart from that, he disclosed that it additionally possesses a GraphQL interface. This revolutionizes the entire DevEX. OriginTrail uses SubQuery for flexible and rapid data indexing.


Subsequently, OriginTrail enhances the efficiency in the data querying along with speeding up the transfer processing. Along with that, it improves the real-time analytics. The cutting-edge indexing features of SubQuery enable OriginTrail to offer a smoother user experience. Moreover, it also provides noteworthy insights into asset movements and liquidity.

SubQuery’s CEO and founder Sam Zous remarked on this endeavor by emphasizing the adoption of AI. He mentioned that artificial intelligence has taken an important place among the top narratives in the current market cycle. The executive added that the decentralized knowledge infrastructure of OriginTrail plays a crucial role in AI ventures.

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Collaboration Looks Forward to Enhance AI’s Mainstream Adoption

According to him, this can increase AI adoption in the mainstream industry. Keeping that in view, Zou expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with OriginTrail. He claimed that both platforms are contributing to the wider evolution of the Web3 sector. He also revealed that the developers at OriginTrail will leverage the prestigious SubQuery indexing.


The respective indexing takes into account the open-source software development kit (SDK) and other such instruments. Additionally, they include documentation as well as developer support offered by SubQuery. Furthermore, the network participants of OriginTrail can now utilize the enterprise-level service of SubQuery to manage projects.

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