How to check an Ethereum transaction

To check an Ethereum transaction, use a blockchain explorer and enter the transaction hash to view details such as sender/receiver addresses and gas fees. A transaction on the Ethereum blockchain is technically initiated by an external account owner (not a contract). For example, if User A sends 1 Ether (ETH) to User B, the action…

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Australia’s Financial Regulator Places Interim Stop Orders On Three Funds Tracking BTC, ETH, and FLC

Australian Hacker Who Stole Over 100,000 XRP Sentenced to 2 Years Behind Bars

Australia’s top financial regulator temporarily suspends Holon Investments’ Bitcoin, Ethereum and Filecoin funds. The suspension is due to non-compliance with the required standards in filing its target market determinations. The improved cryptocurrency regulation comes as the financial watchdog expanded its team and jurisdiction last month. As Australia’s crypto regulation tightens, virtual asset management firm Holon […]

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