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The United States Department of Justice Initiates Legal Measures to Confiscate 30,000 Ethereum (ETH)

As reported by The Block, the United States Department of Justice has initiated legal action to seize over $54 million in cryptocurrency that was acquired through the proceeds of an illicit darknet narcotics operation in New Jersey. In light of these developments, the US Department of Justice has filed a forfeiture case with the objective…

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Bitcoin Enthusiast Proposes Innovative BitVM Paper, Introducing Ethereum-Like Contracts to Bitcoin

The individual behind the whitepaper, Robin Linus, has designed the architecture of BitVM by drawing inspiration from Ethereum’s optimistic rollups, incorporating fraud proofs and recent advancements in Merkle tree technology. A Bitcoin developer has introduced a novel approach to introduce more expressive off-chain smart contracts to the Bitcoin network without requiring a soft fork. Unveiled…

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What is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and how does it work?

Forming the backbone of the Ethereum Blockchain, EVM provides developers with a run-time environment to build DApps and other applications. Ether $1,555, which is the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, is popular among cryptocurrency investors because of its native ETH token. However, its native Solidity programming language and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)…

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