Metamask has always been a handy crypto wallet to interact with Ethereum and many dApps. Yet since DeFi took the crypto scene, Metamask’s usage grew furthermore but emphasized the vulnerabilities a browser plugin may have when used as a crypto wallet. Of course, to the crypto community, it’s now common sense to make sure to […]

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Where to Buy Oasis Network (ROSE) Crypto

Oasis network is a leading privacy-focused and scalable smart contract platform that seeks to engender a mass adoption of Web3. The platform enables the development of decentralised solutions that promote data privacy and user confidentiality. Given the growing call for the privacy of transactions by users, an understanding of how to buy Oasis (ROSE) would […]

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Where to Buy Optimism OP Crypto

Although Ethereum is home to thousands of decentralized applications, its reliance on the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm makes it slow and expensive for the regular user. As a result, layer-2 scaling solutions have been developed to offset the transaction load. One of the most popular is the Optimism rollup blockchain, which bundles transactions and validates […]

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Free Cryptocurrency

The last couple of years have marked an increase in the overall public awareness of cryptocurrencies worldwide. In return, a larger number of people have expressed their interest in purchasing or earning digital currencies. While buying your favorite coin via an exchange is likely the easiest way to enter the cryptocurrency market, this industry is […]

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How to Buy Injective (INJ) Crypto Coin: Complete Guide

One of the biggest issues with decentralized exchanges is price and order manipulation. The Injective Protocol promises to eliminate these problems with its decentralized layer-2 platform for derivatives trading. With Injective, users receive a decentralized trade execution coordinator and order book, preventing frontrunning on the exchange. The protocol leverages its layer-2 blockchain tech for compiling […]

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Where to Buy API3 (API3) Crypto: Complete Beginner's Guide

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations DAOs provide hands-off governance for blockchain projects. One of the more recent projects disrupting this space is API3. The project aims to tackle the ‘Oracle problem’ acting as a solution to connect APIs from data providers. Building the decentralized API network (dAPI) drew plenty of attention during the project development. Crypto enthusiasts […]

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