How to protect against crime in the metaverse

To protect against crime in the metaverse, take precautions, such as using secure passwords, and report suspected criminal activities to law enforcement. How to protect yourself in the metaverse To protect yourself in the metaverse, use strong passwords, be cautious of suspicious activity, and limit the amount of personal information shared online. Here are some…

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Japanese Gaming Company Gumi Partners With Square Enix and SBI Holdings to Strengthen Metaverse Pivot

gumi metaverse square enix SBI holdings japanGumi, a Japanese mobile gaming company, has partnered with Square Enix and SBI Holdings to build new business opportunities around the metaverse. The deal, which also includes the issuance of new stock valued at $52.7 million dollars, will allow the company to acquire financial and content creation experience. Gumi Raises $52.7 Million in Metaverse-Driven Alliance […]
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Metaverse Market Size to Grow by $107.06 Billion by 2027, Asia Pacific Region to Lead – Report

Metaverse Projects Struggle As Trading Volumes Plunge By Nearly 80%, Casting Doubt Over The Industry

The global metaverse market share is set to increase by $107.06 billion from 2023 to 2027, according to a report by leading global research firm Technavio Research. The report, which draws its analysis from five regions including North America, Europe, APAC, South America, and the Middle East and Africa further projects the market’s Year-Over-Year growth rate to hit 20.59% during the forecast period. […]

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