TezAsia Hackathon Proves the Growing Blockchain Developer Talent in Asia Pacific

TezAsia Hackathon Proves the Growing Blockchain Developer Talent in Asia Pacific

Tezco, Radiate Finance, and Omni Swap are the big winners of the recently concluded TezAsia Hackathon, a development event organized by TZ Apac, in collaboration with Tezos India and Chainstack, to find and develop unique solutions across decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and tools and wallets on the Tezos blockchain. 

Get to know the hackathon winners:


Tezco is a global carbon currency that aims to reduce carbon emission  and by gamifying the process of limiting the use of carbon-producing commodities through DeFi and NFTs.

Through the Tezos blockchain, all transactions will be universal and transparent for all. Finally, NFTs and DeFi staking will be used as rewards to motivate people to save the environment. 

Radiate Finance

Radiate Finance is a streaming protocol that allows users to stream the transfer of tokens in real-time. Users will be able to “stream” the transfer of tokens in real-time every second. The tokens that will be locked on the contract with a particular stream can be staked or delegated to get rewards. The team said one use case is for streaming services and freelance workers. If the entire writing project cost, for example, is Php 8,000, the receiver can withdraw from the stream in relation to the output already done or time that has already been rendered.

Omni Swap

Omni Swap is a credit default swap solution that aims to remove overcollaterization requirements when getting a loan. Overcollaterization is the usual solution in DeFi lending protocols in absence of other requirements. 

All the winners received grants of $10,000 to build the projects they presented. 

Solutions for Sustainability

In a press release, TZ APAC said the hackathon has brought together not just advanced developers, but even students, working professionals and even blockchain enthusiasts to present their project that could devise solutions for a greener future. According to Om Malviya, President of Tezos India, the hackathon has every participant to put their best ideas in projects that aim to produce transformative solutions for sustainability. “We are looking forward to conducting more programs in the future to foster the growing blockchain talent and make the region stronger than ever,” Om said in a statement. (Read More: TZ APAC Announces Strategic Commitment to Increase Tezos Adoption in Asia Pacific)

According to Sebastien Borget, the President of the Blockchain Game Alliance, some of the projects that participated in the TezAsia Hackathon had an outstanding quality in their presentation and minimum viable product (MVP) readiness. “I’m impressed and confident in what will come in the future of the Tezos ecosystem,” Sebastien said in a statement.

Developer Talent in Asia Pacific

What was evident during the hackathon is the large pool of developer talent in the region. “The sheer number of ideas and high-quality proof-of-oncepts shared by TezAsia’s participants demonstrates that we have barely scratched the surface of Asia’s creative potential, when it comes to harnessing blockchain technology to develop real-world solutions,” David Tng, Head of Growth at TZ APAC said. He noted that TZ APAC is committed to bringing the ideas brought forward in the hackathon to the market on the Tezos blockchain.

Eugene Aseev, CTO and Founder of Chainstack, a managed services blockchain company, said the event was a huge success in “nurturing the next batch of developers and builders that not only accelerate the growth of DeFi and Web3 as a whole, but also bring more sustainable solutions to all.” Eugene also added that Chainstack will continuously innovate to super the ever growing Tezos ecosystem.

The Philippines

In an earlier report, TZ APAC said it is committed to helping accelerate the growth opportunities with blockchain in the country by deploying local ecosystem growth grants. According to Katherine Ng, TZ APAC’s Marketing and Operations Head, plans to launch a community program in the Philippines, to tap into the blockchain gaming markets and help grow the local blockchain developer talent. (Read More: Tezos APAC: PH is One of the Fastest Adopters of Blockchain Tech)

“As the Philippines is one of the world’s fastest adopters of blockchain technology, particularly in the blockchain gaming play-to-earn segment, we would like to help accelerate the growth opportunities in this space by deploying our ecosystem growth grants program locally, with local stakeholders in the Philippines,” Katherine said in a statement to BitPinas.

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