The 100x ROI for Gamezone’s $GZONE Confirms the Viability of Blockchain Gaming

Traditionally, an IDO will give investors a new token that has future profit potential. However, with Gamezone and $GZONE, the concept goes much further than that. It is a way to earn passive revenue, generate profit potential, and access the future of blockchain gaming rolled into one.

$GZONE Profit Potential Doesn’t Trigger A Sell-Off

Historically, numerous new token launches have surged in value and saw early investors liquidate positions relatively quickly. It can be hard to pass up on a 20x from one’s original investment, as it represents a significant profit. For GameZone’s native $GZONE token, investors treat the market somewhat differently. Even after a 100x ROI, very few people intend to sell their tokens. Nevertheless, you cannot underestimate the long-term potential of this asset.

The current 100x ROI is not surprising either. GameZone is developed by the BlueZilla team, which has launched various launchpad services across prominent blockchain ecosystems. Their latest venture for Velas, dubbed VelasPad, noted a 150x ROI within the first two days, indicating there may be more to come for $GZONE. So even though the platform’s focus is different, the long-term approach can bring continuous value to the token.

As $GZONE acts deflationary, it can be rewarding to hold for the long term. Stakers will earn revenue from every sale that occurs and get a cut from the fee charged to those who unstake early. Moreover, those who hold the token for the long term can unlock extra benefits, including access to new games, expansions, and Initial Game Offerings organized through GameZone. There is little incentive to consider $GZONE a “flippable” token, as the fees for selling [early] and the long-term rewards are put in place to incentivize holding.

Following this successful IDO on Bluzilla’s inhouse Launchpads, the team can continue building its suite of services. The GameZone initiative is about more than a fancy website, as the BlueZilla group aims to provide various tools for developers and communities. Blockchain gaming is a prevalent trend that will likely gain even more traction in the next decade.

Why GameZone Is A Big Deal

Seeing the $GZONE IDO do a 100x ROI in the first two days is not surprising when looking at the bigger picture. GameZone encompasses a suite of tools to fuel the development and growth of blockchain games. That includes support through incubation, funding rounds, and a Grants Program. Supporting game developers across any stage of project building is crucial to unlocking the next level of innovation and revenue potential.

Moreover, GameZone has different “levels” of development. During level two, the team will launch multiple white-label solutions to help developers expand their game and community. Solutions may include NFT lending, onboarding models, and new revenue-sharing options. The GameZone vision is to offer an end-to-end solution to catalyze growth and development in this nascent space.

An extra incentive for developers is how they gain access to BlueZilla’s network and resources. It is not always about money, but also legal, technical, and other forms of help, assistance, and advice. BlueZilla’s network spans dozens of partners and supporters across various industries, all of which can offer fresh insights for companies or teams building the next blockchain gaming unicorn.

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