The 5 best platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrency in 2021 ?

The 5 best platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrency in 2021 ?

The cryptocurrency world can quickly feel like an obstacle course for newcomers. Especially now that offers are multiplying in areas as diverse as exchanges or investment solutions. But some players stand out. It will be a question here of choosing the best platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency according to the needs and requirements of each one, whether it is a simple purchase of cryptocurrency or more advanced trading. Because no crypto investor is alike.

To enter the world of cryptocurrencies, it is above all necessary to know what part of the budget this activity can or must represent. Because this world can quickly make the most enthusiastic newcomers lose their footing, at the risk of losing their shirt. That’s why the first question to answer is to set a limit in advance and stick to it once the fever hits. Because cryptocurrencies offer good prospects for profits, but which reflect the potential losses.

Once this decision is made, the question arises of the platform to become a member of this universe. His choice must meet certain criteria which depend on the activity that each one wishes to have. Thus, a person wishing to carry out advanced trading operations will not need to register on the same platform as a more passive investor wishing to acquire Bitcoin (BTC) and store it for several years.

In addition, not all platforms offer the same services, do not charge the same fees, and do not allow you to buy the same Cryptocurrencies. Buying Bitcoins (BTC) turns out to be quite simple, as it is one of those that can be found on most exchange platforms.

It is important to know before launching any exchange platform cryptocurrencies whose headquarters are abroad must be reported on your tax return by completing a form specifically.


1. Coinbase – The platform to start

The Coinbase platform is an emblematic figure of the crypto universe. Created in 2012, it is the perfect gateway to take your first steps in the purchase of cryptocurrencies. Its offer remains limited, but the procedure has the merit of being simple and secure. This structure offers all the guarantees in terms of service and allows you to start with confidence.

The platform offers 10 € in Bitcoin (BTC) for a deposit of 100 € minimum when you register. This gift concerns the purchase of any cryptocurrency for this amount. To benefit from this attractive offer, you must click on the button at the bottom of this description.

Coinbase provides you with around twenty of the main cryptocurrencies on the market. This ranges from Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH), including Ripple’s XRP or Chainlink’s LINK. The platform offers the possibility of making purchases by means of SEPA transfers.

There is the trading version of Coinbase which goes by the name of Coinbase Pro. It is possible to connect to it with the same identifiers and to switch its cryptocurrency funds from one to the other instantly and at no cost.

This formula is suitable for more experienced users who will quickly find themselves limited by the basic version. It offers the possibility of exchanging different cryptocurrencies against others or directly with the euro. You can find more advanced tools like Stop Loss or others.

Coinbase at a glance

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Secure platform
  • 10 € offered at registration
  • A limited number of cryptocurrencies

Official website


2. Binance – Most Services and Cryptos

Founded in 2017, the platform Binance is the leader in the field of exchanges cryptocurrencies currently. This reality is the result of a large supply of cryptocurrencies coupled with quality service and low fees. These are set at 0.1% of the transaction and may fall further to only 0.075% when paying by NBB, the cryptocurrency native platform.

Binance is an ergonomic, well-thought-out platform that offers inexpensive and diverse services. It also offers the tutorial and specific items on its affiliate named Binance Academy. As well as other universes like Binance Research or Binance Cloud. This makes it a very complete and accessible offer.

This is the right platform to go to once you have learned the basics of trading.

Binance offers the possibility of simply buying cryptocurrencies with a bank card and directly with Euros, Swiss Francs, and other fiat currencies. It also provides access to more advanced trading options, all on the same website.

Binance in brief

  • Very intuitive ergonomics
  • A wide variety of cryptos is available
  • Lots of trading options
  • Purchase of cryptos with CB

Official website


3. Kraken – The historical platform

Founded in the United States in 2011, the Kraken platform is a historical player in the cryptosphere. It offers a variety of services and a good diversity of cryptocurrencies. However, it requires some knowledge in trading to be able to be approached in good conditions. Because its ergonomics are not at all intuitive.

Its real strength is based on costs that are among the lowest on the market and a base that is not negligible in a constantly moving world. Unlike Coinbase, this is a marketplace platform that connects buyers with sellers and only charges a fee for this service.

Registering on the platform requires checking your account with a somewhat tedious procedure that can turn off the less motivated. There are three different levels of verification that do not allow access to the same services. For example, a beginner can not have access to the euro as part of his operations.

Kraken in brief

  • Age of the platform
  • Among the lowest fees
  • Ergonomics little intuitive
  • Slow customer service

Official website


4. KuCoin – Worth the detour

KuCoin is a Chinese platform set up in 2017 that is quite similar to Binance, both in terms of overall aesthetics and the services offered. However, it remains much more discreet in terms of communication. The difference is that it is often positioned at the forefront to offer redemption options on the cryptocurrencies that are not available elsewhere.

It was developed by enthusiasts in the field who tested it since 2013 before putting it online in its current functional form. It offers a Binance cryptocurrency dedicated to trading, named KCS. The latter offers advantages such as reduced transaction fees of up to 50% and personalized advice and other exclusive services, from a certain amount owned.

It obviously does not benefit from Binance ‘s stronghold in the field, but its seriousness and professionalism make it an interesting player in the cryptosphere.

KuCoin at a glance

  • Cryptocurrencies in before first
  • Secure wallet
  • KCS native token
  • Still little known

Official website


5., a matter of choice

Conversely, is a platform that is getting a lot of attention. An aggressive and inciting communication that can frighten more than one with its airs of “too good to be true.” As a result, it divides the world of cryptocurrency, between die-hard fans and more suspicious investors. It comes from the Monaco project founded in 2016

It must be said that his arguments are quite exciting, with shock campaigns such as “Bitcoin at -50% for halving” or his VISA card with high cashback between 2% and 5% depending on the options. In addition, registering on its site allows you to earn $ 50 in MCO with a sponsorship code which you can benefit from by clicking on the button at the bottom of this description.

The platform does nothing by halves. It, therefore, benefits from two cryptocurrencies dedicated to its operation. These are the MCO, more oriented towards its VISA payment card, and the CRO more focused on its trading platform. The latter is a utility token that can earn cashback, a trademark of this company.

There is also an interesting non-custodial wallet option that allows you to keep control over your private keys while benefiting from the exchange services. in brief

  • Lots of promotional offers
  • $ 50 offered at registration
  • Utility Token CRO
  • Non-custodial wallet

Official website

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