The ‘Crypto Kiosk’ at Art Basel is bringing NFTs mainstream

ArtBasel is back but not as we know it. One of the most prestigious art fairs in the world has adopted NFTs this week. The highly respected exhibition is showcasing a range of NFTs through the Galerie Nagel Draxler. 

When you see NFTs popping up at ArtBasel you know that things just got a little more serious. This is the first physical exhibition since before the Pandemic and although travel was still restricted from many parts of the world, it didn’t stop the big players in the art world.

The art collectors who make the pilgrimage to Basel are long-time collectors and intrigued by the newest trends. Highly regarded dealers like Matthew Brown and billionaire like Eugenio Lopez are the clientele turning up to find pieces to add to their galleries and private collections.

NFTs popping up everywhere

Right there, taking center stage with colorful, bright walls is an exhibition appropriately titled ‘Crypto Kiosk’ where we find some of the many NFT artists making the headlines for their unique approach to art today. 

Featured artists in the Crypto Kiosk include Kevin Abosch, Luke Willis Thompson, Osinachi, DotPigeon, and Olive Allen.

Kevin is an Irish conceptual artist who likes to push the boundaries of identity and play with numbers. Luke Willis Thompson is a New Zealand artist mainly focused on sculpture and film. With over 15 visual art experiences, Osinachi is now renowned as Africa’s foremost crypto artist.

DotPigeon is an artist based in Milan. His works are completely digital with a not digital approach. Olive is a New York-based visual artist and pioneer in the NFT art world.

Draxler Gallery reportedly sold Olive Allen’s NFT for 8 ETH, around €25,000 on its opening day. An edition of Anna Ridler’s “Mosaic Virus” sold for £20,000, while Kevin Abosch’s NFT sold for around €40,000 on the VIP collectors-only preview day.

In true crypto style, the Galerie Nagel Draxler, which houses the works within Crypto Kiosk, will be accepting Ether (ETH) for the NFTs and prices range from ETH1 to ETH40 (around $2,500-$100,000). The gallery’s online viewing room is also reserved for NFTs.

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