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By enabling players to earn money as they play, GameFi has disrupted the traditional gaming market. What was once considered “a waste of time” by parents everywhere, has steadily evolved into an economic opportunity of its own due to the intermingling of cryptocurrency and valuable NFTs with modern gaming technology.

Play-to-earn communities, known as gaming “guilds” are one of the ways the space has begun to organize and facilitate, providing these opportunities to others.

In the case of UniX Gaming, those on the receiving end of this new play-to-earn economy are individuals in developing countries. While many industries were toppled by mass lockdowns in 2020, the gaming industry thrived as people turned to games as a way to spend their newly found free time. Through the earning of NFTs in games such as Axie Infinity, those in developing countries who have financially suffered due to job losses in 2020 have been able to earn substantially more than their minimum wage by becoming part of a community like UniX.

Unix Develops Unity

Although Unix’s present focus is on Axie Infinity, they plan to eventually invest in other profitable games. What is exciting about UniX’s current roadmap, is the development of its own game, “Unity”.

Despite the game being still in its early stages, the way in which UniX intends to integrate the use of its own tokens within Unity looks promising in terms of accelerating Unity’s potential. UniX’s governance token, representing voting rights in the DAO, will not merely be available on Decentralised Exchanges and obtained via staking.

Interestingly, UniX Tokens will be issued as in-game rewards, and also as prizes during UNIX Esports events. Considering how Esports was a precursor to play-to-earn guilds in terms of empowering gamers with the ability to earn money, combining the two worlds seems like a self-evident next step in GameFi, and in fortifying the value of UniX’s token. Eventually, it will become the main currency of Unity.

UniX’s play-to-earn model will be further expedited by the distribution of “Unity Tokens”, also earned through Unity’s gameplay. Furthermore, NFTs may be freely traded on UniX’s upcoming Gaming NFT Marketplace, Pegify, in exchange for Unity Tokens, which can then be traded on exchanges or converted to fiat currency.

UniX’s objective to help those living in less developed economies will be achieved through what is known as scholarship programs. These profit-sharing models are deployed in order to onboard new players without the need for them to have to invest large amounts of money in the high-value NFTs needed to play in the first place. These new players, known as scholars, are sold or leased the NFTs by UniX, who also provide them with recruitment, coaching, and management, in exchange for a percentage of the revenue they earn in the game. Through play-to-earn guild scholarships, gamers have been known to earn two to three times the minimum wage in their country.

It is apparent that a forthcoming “Leisure Economy” is on the horizon. With blockchain tech consistently churning out new ideas and opportunities, GameFi has proven itself a capable concept in terms of real-world usage and application. Play-to-earn guilds such as UniX have demonstrated this in an exceptional way, showing us the power of community as a means of helping others.

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