Third IEO Round for Revolutionary Advertisement Platform AdMonstar Underway

Third IEO Round for Revolutionary Advertisement Platform AdMonstar Underway
Third IEO Round for Revolutionary Advertisement Platform AdMonstar Underway

Following two successful rounds of token sales in their Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), the third fundraising round for blockchain-based advertisement platform AdMonstar is off to an exciting start. AdMonstar is seeking to change the fundamental principles by which digital advertising operates, using the power of decentralization to cut through third-party costs while delivering more meaningful engagement to advertisers. 

The AdMonstar IEO is hosted on crowdfunding website Exmarkets where participants can purchase AdMonstar’s $ADMR token for Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Phase 3 of the IEO began Sept. 22nd and will conclude on Oct. 10th. The IEO token price current $0.15 per $ADMR. This price is set to increase to $0.20 per token upon the start of the fourth and final round, on Oct. 11th

Bringing Blockchain 2.0 and DeFi to Advertising

AdMonstar is the first business-to-business (B2B) platform for advertisements built on the Binance Smart Chain, which means that users enjoy its low fees and instant confirmations. Immutable smart contracts hosted on the blockchain will guide AdMonstar’s staking programs which allow $ADMR holders to earn passive rewards while contributing to the ecosystem.

Strategically Partnered with Next-Gen Advertising Network 

Unlike other blockchain-based advertisement platforms, AdMonstar already has an existing partnership with an advertising network,, which will also provide a sophisticated remuneration system to be used for $ADMR staking and burning activities. Marketers will use $ADMR to publish their advertisements to AdMonstar’s online marketplace where they will be seen by users incentivized to interact with them. Incentivization through token rewards will assure that ads are not ignored, and engagement is improved.

To participate in the AdMonstar IEO, visit the platform’s launchpad page on Phase 3 of the IEO will end in less than 10 days. To receive tokens at the price of $0.15, the purchase must be made during this round while the allocated supply lasts, and before the beginning of Phase 4 on Oct. 11th

For more information about AdMonstar, $ADMR and how the platform works, please visit their website at They also have a thriving community on Telegram.