Thoma Bravo co-founder says crypto is here to stay

Thoma Bravo co-founder says crypto is here to stay
Thoma Bravo co-founder says crypto is here to stay 2

The co-founder of Thoma Bravo shared his stances on crypto and blockchain based technology in a recent interview with CNBC. 

In this year, Bitcoin showed its bullish nature and that resulted in big investors and supporters to talk about it more openly in public interviews. Orlando Bravo became the latest to share his point of view on the crypto industry.

At the Delivering Alpha conference held by CNBC on Wednesday, Orlando Bravo, co-founder and also a managing partner of Thoma Bravo, said that ” Crypto is here to stay”. 

Thoma Bravo is the largest firm in the private equity platforms. 

Bravo fully indicated through his statement that he is bullish on his personal Bitcoin Investment. 

When Bravo was questioned that what he thinks about the digital assets future, then Bravo replied  with full happiness that about this emerging crypto market and added 

“How could you not love crypto? …..Crypto is just a great system. It’s frictionless. It’s decentralized. And young people want their own financial system. So, it is here to stay.”

In the whole interview, Bravo asserted about the potential of the blockchain technology at which the Crypto industry is based. And according to Bravo, blockchain technology has better potential to improve the current existing system (financial system). 

“The underlying technology of blockchain, regardless of what protocol or what system you are building upon, can be very powerful and sometimes provides better use cases than data-based software.”

 Bravo’s statements were much similar to Elon Musk, who is in the Crypto industry as a leader to push the world toward adoption. 

Recently Elon Musk added in the Code Conference in California on Tuesday 

“It is not possible to, I think, destroy crypto, but it is possible for governments to regulate”

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