Top 3 Altcoins Trending for the Day

  • Top 3 trending coins are ARV, TABOO and $KUMA.
  • Ariva (ARV) spikes to 131% in its price value.
  • Altcoins are great influencers for the growth of the crypto industry.

Altcoins are heading up higher playing the chief role holding a larger user base connected from all around the world. Besides, Altcoins have the potential to reflect a great impact on the crypto industry influencing a lot of investors and institutional firms. 

Most importantly, people’s interest in crypto and digital technologies has skyrocketed in 2021. Thus this year has been more volatile for cryptocurrencies which is now becoming a popular culture in the world. Notably, a massive focus and attention is being paid to the hot crypto industry. 

According to CoinGecko, the top 3 Altcoins which are trending in the market today are, Ariva (ARV), Taboo Token (TABOO) and Kuma Inu (KUMA).

1. Ariva (ARV)

Ariva (ARV) is a popular tourism digital asset for active use and travel network in the near future. Moreover, being a tourism currency, it can be spent across any part of the world using its crypto wallet. Thus, it reduces the burden for the users to carry along the liquid cash and debit or credit cards while travelling. Also, ARV coins benefit the users to earn money for reserving and sharing contents. 

Ariva’s price surged to 131% in the last 24 hours, surprising the entire crypto market through its spike in the value. Also, the current value of ARV is $0.00107695 with a total supply of 100 billion ARV coins. In addition, the creation of ARV to the crypto space, it can be used as a global payment service through the power of blockchain technology

2.Taboo Token (TABOO)

The specialty of TABOO tokens is its adult non-fungible token (NFT) which is in recent trend streaming all media projects. It is more prominent in delivering high and exclusive contents in all media sources. It includes all supermodels, popular stars to provide the most unique contents with highest quality. Thus, through its trending contents on media platforms, TABOO will soon become the best asset in the industry. 

According to CoinGecko, TABOO’s live value is $0.00555362 with a circulating supply of 9.8B TABOO coins and a total supply of 9.78B. Additionally, if the users have more taboo tokens they are accessible to more contents reaching to different tiers as well. 

3. Kuma Inu ($KUMA)

KUMA is a decentralized meme token which is growing mature to hold the power of the Kuma Inu community. This popular DeFi cryptocurrency network will govern these Kuma Breeder, Kuma DEX, and Kuma NFT projects. Thus, it provides the users a simple and an elegant service with its decentralization platform. 

As per the CoinGecko data, $KUMA holds the value as $0.000000541825 with 36.0% hike in the last 24 hours. In addition, its circulating market supply is 120 Trillion KUMA coins and a total supply of 1 Quadrillion. Through its simple and governance feature it will dive into a vibrant ecosystem. 

Thus, Altcoins are scoring more attention seeking new followers and contributing large to the crypto industry. It is clearly visible that there is a huge inflow of attention from users which will result in a tremendous growth of the digital currencies.

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