Top 3 Metaverse Coins to Watch Out in December

  • A social-integrated Avatar NFT was launched by Torum SocialFi.
  • Sidus NFT Heroes is the first MMORPG based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Here are the top 3 metaverse coins to watch in December.

MetaVPad (METAV)

MetaVPad allows users to join initiatives that will build Metaverse’s infrastructure and early pioneers. The MVPad token is the key. In addition to early access to token launches, hefty staking payouts, and a chance to participate in a unique Metaverse stakedrop. Furthermore, staking tokens unlock a tier and all the benefits that come with it. Moreover, the user moves closer to the Metaverse’s heart the higher the tier.

MetaVPad is a Metaverse-focused Incubator and Launchpad that helps feed, refine, and supercharge projects. Furthermore, it aims to power the future social networks, blockchain-based Metaverse infrastructure, standardization and interoperability protocols, non-fungible token initiatives, the next generation of networked games, and more.

Torum (XTM)

Since the eruption of the NFT sector, Torum has led the social side of this burgeoning business with its Huobi-backed SocialFi platform and ecosystem.

A social-integrated Avatar NFT was launched by Torum SocialFi, after a strategic investment from Huobi Ventures in August 2021. Moreover, the Web 3.0 ecosystem has everything, from a social networking platform to a yield farming center for DeFi gamers to an NFT marketplace for crypto artists.

Sidus Heroes (SENATE)

Sidus Heroes is the first Ethereum-based MMORPG featuring Open World gameplay similar to Grand Theft Auto or Cyberpunk at Universe. Furthermore, play-to-earn NFT gaming with NFTs, metaverse, and the finest visuals ever is projected to be the future. An NFT world with a range of goods and services, SIDUS NFT Heroes is a unique NFT endeavor.

SIDUS HEROES closed beta will be published on January 10, 2022. This version is just for owners of NFT Heroes NFTs from the Genesis collection.

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