TriliTech Launches London Based Tezos Blockchain Hub

  • TriliTech has announced the launch of a new hub for research.
  • TriliTech protocol upgrades are developed,  adopted by Tezos blockchain.
  • Till now, Tezos has worked with seven network upgrades

TriliTech has announced the launch of a new hub for research, development, and adoption of the Tezos blockchain-based in the global entertainment, financial, and technology center of London.

TriliTech is accompanied by a group of veteran technology, gaming, entertainment, and financial services professionals. It has a mission to advance technological research as development at the protocol layer, train, and mentor the next generation of blockchain builders, and actively contribute to global adoption and development of the ecosystem.

Accordingly, one of the real Proof-of-Stake (PoS) layer-one blockchain networks is Tezos. It is a unique blockchain in comparison to other layer-one blockchain protocols because it is continuously innovating and upgrading through its proven on-chain governance. Eventually, TriliTech worked along with the partners and developers in the Tezos ecosystem to develop protocol upgrades and to build new features for the network.

TriliTech Chief Operating Officer (COO), Robin Maxe mentioned,

“World-class adoption and development teams are fundamental to world-changing software networks. TriliTech aims to be a center of excellence in the Tezos ecosystem focusing on exciting and unique research and development at the protocol level and global adoption for the Tezos network, pushing the boundaries of blockchain use-cases”.

Moreover, TriliTech protocol upgrades are developed, voted on, adopted, and deployed by the Tezos blockchain, without the need to rely on hard forks. Till now, Tezos has worked with seven network upgrades, the next one is coming soon, which have lowered the transaction fees by 70%, launched innovations, increased transaction speed, and so on.

Tezos is found to be one of the fastest-growing ecosystems and embraced as an environmentally conscious blockchain. The TriliTech team contains an experienced group of builders and creators focused on the blockchain.

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