Twitter account of crypto firm Tether's CEO deleted 2

A twitter account, which was belonging to the Ceo of Tether firm, has been deleted today amid ongoing controversy with Bloomberg’s report on Tether. 

Recently, a report covered by Bloomberg, which raised questions over Tether’s Operations to back the USDT coin with unreserved funds. As per report, debt commercial papers of the Chinese companies owned by the Tether, found. But in this rush of ongoing controversial reports, another measurable report for the Tether company is the company. 

The account of Jan Ludovicus van der Velde, CEO of Tether, is deleted somehow. Here it is not completely clear who is behind this whether the CEO deleted the account himself or there exists another reason. 

If we look at the last tweet of Jan Ludovicus, it is saved in the archive page, which was written on 4 October over the controversy related to the back funding of the USDT token.

“nother financial enslaved dying magazine trying to come up with some #Tether FUD in order to bring in some bucks and delay its extinction for a few more days, stay tuned…. #dinosaurs”

Archived Tweet post read

Some media news claimed that Jan Ludovicus didn’t like to remain active to show their engagement with the Social media about Tether and Bitfinex. 

There are some other Tether’s critics, who claim that Tether is near to collapse Because the whole unusual operations of the Tether firm are exposed by Bloomberg.

Well here, we can say that it should not be part of the ongoing controversy, otherwise people from the crypto industry will lose their hope with such trusted tokens, which allows them to trade with the crypto assets without need of fiat currency. 

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