U.S. Bitcoin mining firms facing delays for their equipment orders 4

Most of the Bitcoin mining firms in the United States are facing delays in their shipment order of crypto mining hardware because of the global logistics crisis. 

After the ban on crypto-related operations by the Chinese authorities, bitcoin mining became the biggest business for the other countries’ companies. US-based crypto mining operations Increased rapidly and even in the present time, crypto mining operations are increasing day by day because these crypto mining firms know very well that it is an opportunity to make a profit because of less competition in absence of Chinese bitcoin mining companies. 

Riot Blockchain– A texas-based crypto mining company- shared their plan of bitcoin mining operations expansion in early October. Riot said that they ordered 2,000 units of Bitmain’s AntMiner S19J Pro shipped and 4,000 units will ship in Malaysia’s factory in early October. 

On 3 November, Riot Blockchain said that they are facing a huge delay, while they paid money in advance for the order. And the ordered mining equipment was already in delay and now more delays are scheduled. And the firm got success to increase 1,624 mining equipment only in October. While 11,500 units of AntMiner S19J Pro are now scheduled for shipment in November end. 

According to Riot, they are facing these issues because of the restriction of global goods shipments by global logistics. However, we are not facing any physical impact and also we are working to solve these issues through better communication with Bitmain and global logistics providers. 

Another crypto mining firm, Canada-headquartered Bitfarms, also faced huge issues in the shipment of the 7,230 units of Bitmain’s AntMiner S19J Pro. BitFrams expected that they will receive their equipment by September but it is delayed & scheduled for December. 

“Due to supply chain and shipping delays, the other 1,660 Bitmain S19j Pro miners originally scheduled for September delivery are en route and expected to be received in October”

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