Unique Active Wallets Scored High Runs in Q3 Blockchain Games

Blockchain gaming sectors are rising in the industry grabbing a lot of recent attractions from gamers across the world. Players are very eager to play such blockchain games which reward them money in cryptocurrencies. Thus, these blockchain games are gaining more popularity which can transform the entire gaming industry for better reach. 

As a result, a report from DappRadar’s third quarter Blockchain Game Report shares that the quantity of unique crypto wallets has increased in recent periods. Many youngsters are enthusiastic about participating in the play-to-earn (P2E) games built on blockchain technology

In addition the blockchain gaming industry is scoring additional values supporting the in-game NFTs which has a separate fan base. The footprints of the players are soaring within the NFT gaming world which offers the gamers various ways to earn money. 

Blockchain Gaming Q3 Result

The gaming industry is surprised to notice the presence of unique active crypto wallets taking part in the blockchain games. Almost half of the gaming industry activity with blockchain technology recorded 1.54M active wallets on an average basis. Besides, in a short period of time the decentralized gaming applications attains 754,000 of active wallets. 

Moreover, the main aim of the active wallet users (AWU) is to provide a unique wallet address for the users. Through this, the gamers can interact with smart contracts associated with blockchain platforms. So it reduces the translating process for the daily active users (DAU). 

On the whole, the entire gaming sector is gaining a good scope with play-to-earn (P2E) and non-fungible token (NFT) games. Interestingly, the NFT in-games resulted in achieving $2.32 billion in sales during third-quarter, 2021. Therefore, the NFT plays secured more than 22% of the NFT trading volume in just three months. 

Axie Infinity- The Best Performer

Among the other NFT games, Axie Infinity ranks first for most traded NFT collectible ever in the marketplace. More so, Axie generated $2.08 billion in trading volume in Q3 alone. Thereby hitting $2.55 billion representing 19% in total volume. 

Recently, Axie Infinity secured a solid revenue of nearly $364 million in its play-to-earn gaming platform. And it is the highest profit score earned since the launch of the gaming platform. Besides, Axie recorded an amount of 678,017 registered players who sign in to play the game daily. 

The current market status of Axie Infinity is $128.28 surging 4.41% at the time of writing.  Besides, Axie records a 24-hours trading volume as $15.84M with more than 6 million sales till date. Thus, Axie NFT is recognized as top-selling collectibles by sales volume reaching $504 million last month. 

Therefore, the NFT space and blockchain tech gaming sectors are bubbling up in the market with its high technological features. As a result, the NFT space recorded nearly $10.67 billion trading volume with a massive increase over 700% from the Q2, 2021.

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