Upcoming Launch of ZENCON Innovation Awards Hackathon Event 2022: Four Reasons to Get Excited About

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If you haven’t already heard, ZENCON Innovation Awards Hackathon recently collaborated with multiple partners to create an exclusive and exciting Hackathon Event. Set to take place in Mexico, it’s the perfect time to see what the organization plans to bring to the table within the blockchain space while joining a community of skilled, experienced developers ready to work on revolutionary projects.

#1. You Can Collaborate Like Never Before

If you’re a developer with a genuine passion for the industry and love the idea of discussing new and exciting ideas, attending the event will allow you to do just that. It’s an exciting time to meet like-minded individuals from around the world and begin sharing ideas with the potential to bring them to life. The ZENCON Innovation Awards Hackathon Event 2022 encourages developers to collaborate on fresh ideas while focusing on ways to present those ideas to others, ultimately bringing new opportunities and innovation to the forefront.

#2. It’s the Perfect Place to Meet Industry Experts

Learn more about the industry and web 3 while meeting dozens of crypto and blockchain industry experts. Gain more significant insights when listening to the valuable knowledge shared by these experts and others in attendance at the event, including investors, artists, and stars who look forward to seeing developers participating in the ZENCON Hackathon.

#3. You Have the Chance to Showcase Your Talents

When you have cutting-edge ideas that you believe others would be interested in, the Hackathon Event is the perfect time to showcase your talent while presenting these thoughts and concepts based on the specific challenge selected. Hosts of the Hackathon will offer individuals a dedicated space to connect, share, and create before pushing their ideas to everyone else.

#4. Enjoy a Fun, Friendly Competition

Compete with others on a quest to have your fantastic idea selected as one of the five best ideas. Sponsors will support each of the five best ideas chosen to become an integral part of the ZENCON Blockchain. It’s a fun and friendly competition providing skilled developers with a real shot at getting selected.

More About the Event

ZENCON Hackathon Event provides opportunities for regular users to collaborate with key people in the cryptocurrency area and take part in challenges regarding metaverse/gaming, NFTs/tokenization, decentralized finance, Web and Web3.0, and B2B/B2C solutions.

Through this event, you can let your creative mind shine by taking part in one of the five challenges and bringing your current vision to life at the ZENCON Innovation Awards Hackathon Event, where you might win a prize and have your concept financed.

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