Regulators of the United States confirmed that they accepted the registration of securities from ProShares Trust’s Bitcoin ETF.

On 15 October, The US Securities and Exchange Commission informed through a notice that they accepted the application of the securities by the ProShares Trust to provide Bitcoin ETF based products to enable the digital assets investors through an ETF under futures contract. 

Beside the notice of the US regulators over ProShares application acceptance, ProShares released a prospect and claimed that there are huge chances that they will get approval before 18 October and probably they may launch their Exchange Traded fund product on Bitcoin before 18 October. 

NYSE Arca will list the Securities assets of ProShares and all will be under the official approval of the US SEC. 

James Seyffart, analyst of Bloomberg, reported that the Bitcoin Strategy ETF of Proshare will be listed with the ticker symbol BITO with 95 basis points.

Ethereum ETF of ProShares 

Earlier this, Proshares filed for the Ether ETF product approval with the SEC but later in August 2021, they took their decision back and decided that they will no longer file for the Ethereum ETF based application. ProShares claimed that the decision to take back their application is based upon the discussion in the company about this product and probably the firm is not ready for the Ethereum ETF products. 

Firm are filling for Bitcoin ETF 

Because of the positive vibes of the Bitcoin ETF approvals, BitWise invest also filed for the Bitcoin ETF because they believe that they will surely get approval over the Bitcoin Futures ETF applications. 

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